4 Best Bets for a Lifestyle-Friendly Career

Looking for a lifestyle-friendly career that will enable you to enjoy interesting work and still allow time for family, fun and personal pursuits? Thanks in large part to advances in technology that have made work-from-home an affordable option, the alternatives for flexible jobs and entrepreneurial options are increasing rapidly.

Here are four popular fields where my clients have found (or created) lifestyle-friendly careers:

1) Education: Parents have long been attracted to the family-friendly schedule associated with teaching; summers off, plentiful holidays and parenting-friendly work hours. In addition to traditional teaching jobs, lifestyle-friendly careers for teachers (and teachers-at-heart) include online teaching jobs, part-time work as an adjunct college professor, teaching for an adult-education program and freelance jobs tutoring school-aged children and college-bound teens.

2) Healthcare: For over a decade, healthcare has been the brightest spot in the jobs economy. Healthcare careers are particularly attractive for mid-life career changers, since there are numerous healthcare jobs that you can train for via a certificate program, as opposed to a more intensive traditional degree program. If you want to be involved in this high-demand industry but don’t see yourself working as a doctor or nurse, take a look at the allied healthcare professions, which includes jobs for technicians, health-care aides, therapists, nutritionists, and alternative healthcare/holistic practitioners.

It’s interesting to note that working in healthcare no longer restricts you to a hospital environment. In years past, hospitals employed more workers than any other sector within the health-care industry, but that dynamic is changing at a remarkable rate. By 2018, it is projected that 46.1 percent of health-care workers will work in home health care and 41.3 percent will work in the offices of health practitioners.

If you are interested in learning more about career options in the health care field, take a look at ExploreHealthCareers.org, an excellent website that profiles dozens of opportunities in this growing industry.

3) Eldercare: More people are living longer than ever before, and with 76 million Baby Boomers approaching retirement, the demand for eldercare services promises to stay strong. Many seniors who live on their own need help with the basic tasks of daily living — including housekeeping, shopping, driving and cooking. Other seniors are willing to pay for assistance with administrative needs connected to estate planning, medical claims filing and bill paying. There are a number of franchise opportunities serving the seniors market, but many people start senior-service businesses from their homes (often with a minimal amount of start-up capital).

4) Entrepreneurial Support Services: If you have experience as a bookkeeper, virtual assistant, copywriter, recruiter, translator or graphic designer (just to name a few), you can earn a solid income freelancing your services to other entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs also hire people to do contract sales and marketing assignments. As an added bonus, most entrepreneurs are short on office space, so most of their “hired help” work out of their own home offices. To find jobs with entrepreneurs, check out the help-wanted postings on Craigslist.org or network with local entrepreneurs at meetings hosted by your local Chamber of Commerce or other small business association.

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Nancy Collamer M.S., career coach, author and speaker, helps clients around the country reinvent their careers outside the 9-5 box. She shares her advice weekly through her blog at MyLifestyleCareer.com and on Twitter. She is a frequent guest of the media and was recently featured in O Magazine as part of their team of "All-Star Team of Career Coaches."

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