Buddy Valastro

What are you thankful for that your mom passed along to you?
My mom always taught me that in giving you receive, so I always remember to give back.

What smell, movie, food, or album do you associate with your mom and why?
My mom always sings, “I Will Survive” especially when there is a karaoke machine around, so that song always makes me think of her. Her Sunday Gravy and the wonderful smells of her home cooking are also something I will always associate with her.

How did your mom make you feel most loved?

She compliments me and my work, my mom is my biggest fan. Even as an adult, to this day, I still yearn for her approval in everything I do.
What prompts you to immediately want to get on the phone with your mom?
I usually call my mom every day or every other day to make sure she is okay and say hello. Of course I always call her when there a major change happening in my life. My mom is semi-retired so I like to check in with her pretty often and see how she is doing!

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