The Hacker’s Guide to Losing Weight

Today, use of the term “hacker” mainly refers to computer criminals. But many hackers are not lawbreakers. Often, hackers are people who get a kick out of figuring out ways to buck the system.

Hackers thrive on finding back door entrances to cryptic systems. They find better methods that save time, energy, money or all of the above. Likewise, in the health and fitness world, there are smart techniques we can use to improve our health and fitness level.

Do you think controlling your weight is impossible? Phenomenal things are often accomplished by regular people who never realized that what they are doing is improbable. If they’d known they couldn’t do it, they might never have attempted it in the first place.

Once you realize that you can empower yourself to outfox your own limitations: You start to think of yourself as someone who can lose weight and be healthier, you are emancipated from your own limiting self-beliefs. You aren’t watching your thin life pass you by. You are the boss of your body. You are now a hacker.

By getting around the limitations that caused you to gain weight in the first place you are hacking the most amazingly complex system in the universe: your own body.

To stay at your ideal weight, you must eat just the right amount. To eat the right amount, over the long haul of your lifetime, you need an incentive. Watching the weather forecast doesn’t make you dress appropriately for the weather, but it provides the information you need, if you want to dress comfortably.

Whether you’ve always had a weight problem or not, the main tools you need are exactly the same as the main tools you need to get anywhere in your life:

  • Willpower
  • A specific, measurable, realistic, trackable goal that you can be accountable to
  • A high threshold for discomfort

It’s like brushing your teeth, buying groceries for dinner, or getting the oil changed in the car. You don’t schedule an appointment with the dentist and then say to yourself at the last minute, “I really don’t feel like going today.” You get the job done, as soon as you can, and with minimal whining. That’s what it takes to lose weight.

Dormant within you is the power to be at your optimal weight for the remainder of your life. You just need to realize that your weight is within your conscious control. Know that, and you can achieve it.

Once you feel how good it feels to be your ideal weight, you will have the self-esteem to stay with it — even if it means giving up that pie ala mode when everyone else is ordering it for dessert.

By simply eating a little bit less every day for a year, you can subtract 25 pounds from your weight in the space of that single year.

If you have experienced the frustration and impossibility of actually managing calorie intake, you know it is not just the math, but also the mouth. Good luck with that.

About the Author

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Penny Love Hoff is a health/ lifestyle/fitness coach, with two hip replacements, who has over 25 years of experience teaching exercise classes and inspiring aging athletes who want to get their active lifestyle back. She believes we can all stay younger for longer by taking charge of the health and fitness issues which limit us. She is the owner of Penny's Workout World. You can find her website at  

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