Inner Beauty

Yes, I am a beauty expert. I can talk all day about products for your skin and the best makeup from each line. Although I am crazy about makeup and skin care products, these products only enhance one’s beauty. They are all so very temporary.

Beauty from the inside out is what to strive for. Then, when you add your makeup, it is only the icing on you, the sweet cake.

When you wash your makeup off and moisturize your skin, take a good look in the mirror and

  • Makeup your heart
  • Makeup your soul
  • Makeup your mind

Be kind to yourself, know your true value, speak to yourself about yourself in a loving and caring way.


Today there is no one more important than me. We tend to make others more important than us as a way to devolve ourselves from ourselves. We make our children, our partners, and friends more important than ourselves. They should be of equal value and importance. If you hold yourself in a high esteem and treat them equally than you are treating them like gold.

Stress, anger, worry and fear detract from beauty by adding more wrinkles to the corners of one’s eyes and face, and no expert makeup job in the world will fully cover that up. Beauty must start from within.

On Oprah’s last show, she said many inspirational things, but what resonated with me the most was “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY YOU BRING INTO A ROOM.” So simple, yet so very deep and meaningful. I am so conscious of the energy that I put upon others when I enter a room.

Think about it. If you are angry or frustrated or intense and you walk into a store or coffee shop or anywhere, the people you encounter will feel your negative energy and naturally react accordingly. I notice when I walk with a smile and an upbeat manner, strangers on the street smile back and joke around with me. I love that exchange.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times my energy is completely intense, but the change I have had is being conscious of it. That is a great start.

Now I put myself in check and try to switch my mentality. It’s not always easy and sometimes seems impossible. It’s the acknowledgement that is the first step. Recognizing how people react to you is the beginning of truly being in touch with your own inner beauty.

Random acts of kindness ALWAYS make you feel beautiful. Just opening a door for someone as small as it seems, is kind.

I took my daughter to San Francisco last summer. We could not help but notice the many homeless people. Every morning at breakfast, we would eat very neatly and take the rest in a to-go container with plastic utensils and bread and give it to a homeless person. One morning we were eating and the people next to us had a huge stack of pancakes that they were going to toss away. So I looked over and said, “Excuse me are you done with that?” They were from England and thought I wanted their food. I explained what my daughter and I were doing. They thought it was brilliant. A few other tables heard us talking and they all decided to get in on it too.

When we returned the next morning, the waiter recognized us and said it was a chain reaction. Many people were leaving with to-go containers for the homeless. My daughter and I felt very good about ourselves and felt like we made a difference.

Another example:
I recently had a client come in to get her makeup done. She told me, she goes to work and people are mean. She comes home and her “teenagers were mean” (we get that, right moms?) Plus, she was looking in the mirror and beating herself up about how haggard she looked. I just hugged this complete stranger and pointed out all of her best features and told her I understood, and listened. By the time her makeup was done, we had talked so much she said, “Wow I feel like I just had therapy and my makeup is beautiful.” I said yes ma’am, that is beauty from the inside out 🙂

I feel that exercise is an important ingredient to being beautiful on the inside. Instead of making it a chore, go to the gym or on a hike or bike ride with the intention of relieving stress and meditating through it. I have trained in a gym practically my whole life. I have had some of my best ideas during this time. Plus, when you exercise, you get that endorphin buzz and your mood elevates.

There is much more I can say, about us as women, as mothers, as friends and partners, but we are all busy in life and I appreciate the time you have already given me by reading this. Thank you from my heart, you beautiful person.

Positive Thoughts
By Lori Rubin

I don’t know why things
don’t always work out
the way we plan,
still we try.
So now it’s time
for a new path.
A new plan.
All any one person
can do is try.
Try – hope – dream – create,
and look forward
to a bright future.
Deep within us all
is the ability
for greatness
and success
that can flourish
and grow when we
become at peace with
With the deepest of understanding,
belief and love in our
own personal identity.
Only then will
true miracles occur.

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Lori Rubin is a well-known makeup artist in Beverly Hills, Ca. She has worked on royalty, celebrities, weddings and a lovely mix of women, men and teens who need her expertise.

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