Ten Fitness Tweaks To Help You Sleep

Are you interested in waking up morning after morning with all the energy you need to get ahead? Would you love to be an early riser? Would you like to get those someday projects done? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop running behind and get ahead? When your day is front-loaded, you are ahead of the rest of the world.

It may sound ridiculous to think of changing some of these life long habits but change is possible and here are some tips to make it probable.

1. Check It Off – I always tell people to make a list the night before of things they’d like to get done and to do the hardest thing first. This sounds awful but when you start your day with momentum, you capitalize on it. Everything else seems easy.

2. Create An Irresistible Reason To Get Up – When I use the word irresistible, I am not referring to the dulce de leche version of irresistible. I mean something you cannot say no to. Make an appointment with a personal trainer, plan to meet a friend for an early morning walk or don’t let your dog out the night before so that your dog wakes you up. Make it impossible for you to stay in bed.

3. Develop New Habits – Tell everyone in your house about your new resolve to become an early-riser and have them hold you accountable. Lay out all your clothes for the next morning so that you only have to step into them (and so that if you skip it, you will have to step OVER them).

4. Say No To Snooze – Put your alarm clock across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Never, never, NEVER hit the snooze button.

5. Get Up and Stay Up – No one ever complains of getting more done in the morning. The hardest part is the first two minutes. Sleep-walk yourself to the bathroom and just keep moving. Once you are vertical, everything will be easy. Keep moving.

6. Exercise Early – Even if you do not prefer to exercise early in the day, getting it done earlier will lead to a better night’s sleep. Exercise does induce a better night’s rest, but if done too late in the day, it can interfere with sleep. I teach a few evening yoga classes and I always notice my inability to settle down to bed on those evenings.

7. Have Your Hormone Levels Checked – If your cortisol levels are too high or your melatonin levels are too low you will not sleep well. Supplements can correct this. Check with your doctor.

8. Keep Your Bedroom Dark – This can help maintain your sleep cycle. Darkness spurs the synthesis of melatonin which is a neurotransmitter in sleeping well. Even the light of an alarm clock can disrupt the production of this vital hormone. Wear an eye mask if at all possible.

9. Nostril Breathing – Mouths are for eating and kissing. Noses are for breathing. This is never more important than at night when the respiratory system needs to steel down and restore. Breathing through your nose can oxygenate the blood more efficiently and settle your respiratory system more efficiently.

10. Give Up the Booze – This is the simplest yet hardest tip of all. If you can mange to eliminate alcohol your sleep will improve immediately and noticeably. ‘Nuff said.

About the Author

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Penny Love Hoff is a health/ lifestyle/fitness coach, with two hip replacements, who has over 25 years of experience teaching exercise classes and inspiring aging athletes who want to get their active lifestyle back. She believes we can all stay younger for longer by taking charge of the health and fitness issues which limit us. She is the owner of Penny's Workout World. You can find her website at newhiptips.com  

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