Have you ever embraced vulnerability in your life?

Dr. Brene Brown is a social scientist who studies human connection. In her powerful TEDx Houston talk, she recounts an insight that changed the way she lives, works, loves and parents.

Understanding that connection is “why we’re here” and “gives meaning to our lives” she researched how and when people experience connection in their lives.

After reading thousands of personal stories, analyzing thousands of data points and conducting countless focus groups, she came to this conclusion: the way to have connection in our lives is to embrace vulnerability.

The people who had the deepest and most fulfilling sense of human connection had three things in common: 1) courage to be imperfect; 2) compassion to be kind to ourselves first; and 3) willingness to risk themselves when there was no guarantee of connection with others.

Connection, Dr. Brown found, came as a result of people giving up who they thought they should be and accepting who they were. People who experienced connection felt that they were worthy of love and belonging — that they were enough — and we’re willing to be exposed as they are.

Watch Brene Brown’s TedTalk below and then share your story with us in the comments section below.

Tell us: Have you ever embraced vulnerability in your life? What happened when you did? When have you felt the deepest connection to others? Do you struggle with any of this?

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