Makeup Tips for Fall & Winter

Here we are, approaching yet another seasonal change. With the arrival of fall, and winter right around the corner, we have new makeup and fashion trends to flow with.

The fall and winter seasonal trends are a smoky, smoldering metallic eye. Lids in mahogany copper, bronze, silver and gold, it doesn’t matter as long as it is smudgy and glimmering. Fill it with shimmer and lots of eye liner. It can be matte for us gals over 40.

Think True Blood: Vamp it up.

If your skin is dark, go with a warmer hue. Golden or bronze is good. Silvery shades can get ashy. You fair skinned beauties can pull of just about any shade. For your shadow, tarte cosmetics has made it simple for us. They have just come out with their True Blood series of shadow, put together in a palate to mix and match.

If it is more your style to hit the drug store, take a look at Maybelline shadows. They have a wide array of colors in kits. Maybelline’s shadows go on smooth and with full color, so they are super easy to use and the price is right.

For a thick smudgy line under your eyes:

Tarte has made that so easy to do. The product is called Smolder Eyes. It is a two-sided pencil – one side is thick creamy and comes in eight different smoky shades. The other side is a smudge sponge that allows you to make that underline as thick and smoky as you like. They are made from Amazonian clay and are waterproof in case your eyes tear. For a more dramatic look, line the inner rim of your lower lash line with black. Try dark blue too, it will make your eyes look whiter.

You will see a lot of liquid eyeliner this season. Makeup Forever has a great jet-black liquid liner. I recommend layering your liner. First, use an eye pencil along the lashes and even in between your lashes. Then top it off with your liquid liner. This gives great staying power. Extend that line for a longer more almond shaped eye.

Now with all of the smoked out eye look you must make sure your concealer is perfect. If your under eye is dark, you will get a dirty look. Tarte has two new fabulous creamy, but won’t budge, concealers.

Maracuja creaseless concealer comes in a tube that you squeeze a tiny bit out of. You don’t need a lot and it covers beautifully. The other comes in a twist up tube called Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Concealer. It is great to keep in your purse. For your drugstore brand, Maybelline is always my go-to. Their Age Rewind concealer is creamy smooth and stays beautifully.

Don’t be shy with the mascara. Two coats!

For a thick long full lash with lots of flair, I find that Maybelline Falsies Flaired in the purple tube will give you just that. I go for the waterproof. It keeps your lashes curled and lasts all day. You will need an oily remover to take it off, because once it’s put on it stays on. An alternative would be Makeup Forever, Smokey Lash. It has a nice and thick consistency.

Flush your cheeks:

Prep your cheeks first with foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Let it soak in for a few minutes then apply blush. Find a velvety smooth blush texture. I’m a huge fan of tarte’s 12 hour Amazonian Clay Blush. With so many shades to choose from, there should be no problem finding the perfect color for you.

Cream blush is great if your skin is normal. If it is dry or oily, it can show imperfections.

The matte lip:

The nude matte lip in particular is HUGE with that dark smoky eye. It’s gorgeous. If the nudy nude is just too washed out for you, Makeup Forever has a great matte flush pink lip that will work and give you some color. Their Number 30 has a smooth consistency and isn’t drying like a lot of mattes.

Should you choose to go red, which at night is a great choice, Makeup Forever’s Number 21 Intense Red is brilliant. A little goes a long way. Also not drying. Remember red lips must be precise. Line your lips with a neutral pencil and use a brush to evenly spread the color.

To work with your complexion, blue-based colors are best for fair skin. Orange-based or deep dark reds compliment a darker skin. You lucky, medium-skinned ladies can wear just about anything. A true red will pretty much go on any complexion.

Below is my beautiful daughter Shylee modeling the fall/winter look.





A great lip tip for you today:

Take a warm wet washcloth put a small amount of sugar on it and rub your lips gently in a circular motion. This will exfoliate dry dead skin and leave your lips soft and supple.

Enjoy this fall / winter look. Spring is right around the corner 🙂

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