Bob Harper

1. Now that fall has arrived, what’s the one thing you’re looking forward to getting back to?
Well my summer consisted of working because we have been shooting Season 12 of The Biggest Loser. The one thing that I love about the end of summer is the challenge of keeping people on their workout regimen. It is so easy to be consistent with your workouts when you are going to the beach and putting on your swimsuit. It’s a whole other ballgame when summer is over and the weather gets cooler and the sweaters and pants come on. Maybe it’s time to think about running a half marathon around Thanksgiving. Some sort of goal is a great motivator for people.

2. What are your three words to live by?
That’s an easy one: Trust the Process!! It is something that I engrain in all of my contestants. You have to believe that the right choices you make on any given day will go toward the greater good of your healthy lifestyle.

3. Who do you consider an Architect of Change?
I think that Barack Obama is the definition of an Architect of Change. Walking into the most powerful and thankless job in the entire world with grace and dignity is awe-inspiring.

4. What cause or issue are you passionate about?
The war on obesity for children. Thank God that Michelle Obama has been working on putting a spotlight on this subject. We as a community have to pull together for ourselves and our children. I’ve seen the school lunch programs and they are an abomination. When did it become okay to give kids the choice of pizza, fried chicken fingers and French fries on a daily basis. I just think it is absurd.

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