Overcoming Hurdles

A few years back I found alone in a hospital room preparing for an operation to remove several tumors from my body. My mind was overwhelmed with horrific thoughts and the unknown was almost too much to bear. And I really did not have the time to be sick with a full time job and three children.

While the financial obligation alone required to recover from an illness is enough to scare you to death, conquering a disease will always be a huge hurdle to mentally leap over. It takes an enormous amount of trust, a large dose of patience (which I seem to lack), and the skillful hand of a gifted surgeon.

Dealing with cancer was one of the most difficult times in my life. It was not only hard on me but it was also a trying time for the many family members and friends who traveled with me on what I fondly refer to as the yellow brick road.

The prayers, encouragement, meals and cards made me view people with an entirely new perspective with the realization of how wonderful and thoughtful people can really be.

However, I knew deep in my heart I would be on a solo journey, as I had to rely completely on my faith to lead me out of the emotional darkness.

After a year had passed and my body had healed from the surgery and radiation, I strangely realized how the cancer had made me a stronger person in many ways. What I considered to be important in the past was no longer important in the future. I found myself treasuring each sunrise and sunset along with God’s magnificent creations on this earth.

I have experienced many setbacks during the past few years, but I have come to recognize that we all have our hurdles to overcome. This single life lesson made me see others with empathy in their own life such as an illness, a death, an addiction, financial problems or maybe a failing relationship. It is not our responsibility to judge but to pray for each other with a sincere heart.

Everyone goes through hard times during his or her lifetime. Realizing struggles can bring blessings is the greatest gift we can receive. God may bring us through a difficult time so we will acknowledge our focus should be on him not ourselves and completely trust in his plan and on his timing.

For my entire life, I have tried to do things with my impatient nature but my cancer experience has forced me to see that God wants me to make him the leader of my life. I must surrender to his plan for my self and stop questioning the pain and heartbreak I have experienced.

At time, our lives can feel hopeless and unattainable but if we face those hurdles with determination and a positive attitude, we will be able to conquer the difficult task at hand. Never stop believing in yourself.

It is important to do things for others with a loving heart, as it will help you understand your problems could always be worse. Our time on this earth is precious and living life with a healthy approach while doing for others is the secret to a rich and successful life.

Give your bad days to God and trust in him to handle the rest. He knows our destiny so there is no reason to stress over the outcome of our problems. Provide them to God and pray for others and within in a short period, many will be praying for you!

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During her first fifteen years of her marriage, Nancy Woodson chose to be a homemaker. Eleven years later she worked for three notable employers, survived thryoid cancer, went back to school, earned an undergraduate degree, launched two businesses, lost three family members, battled two adult bullys, cared for her family and turned her trials into an inspiring memior, Hurdles.  

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