SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life

After 10 years of exploring the world, following my spiritual path, and volunteering at non-profits in Los Angeles, I finally stumbled on my true passion and gift as an interior designer.

Working with clients and on my own projects, I was inspired by the power of beautiful spaces and the impact that they have on the soul.

I also started to discover that there was a deep and profound connection between the interior design of the space that they lived in, and the interior design that was living inside of them.

They were reflections of the same self and what I noticed was that as I worked with individuals on their space, they themselves were also changing. When I have deeper and more profound conversations with my clients and they gain a greater awareness, there is a deep desire to shift and change the environment they are living in.

The 8-Step SoulSpace Process for Transformation revealed itself after a decade of this work. I realized that there was a natural, organic process occurring in the re-design of their homes. I have had the privilege to work with a great many clients with widely varying budgets, and have seen that these steps apply to a one-room apartment with equal effectiveness as they do to a grand mansion.

Some of the unique stories and design projects are included in my book SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life.

Many people have used the process to discover their blocks and their unresolved emotional experiences. Through truly looking at and implementing this process, they achieve freedom from the past, becoming more present in the moment and exploring the potential of creating their dreams into the future.

The 8 steps will give you tools to decode your stories, release your unsupportive patterns and begin the sacred journey of opening your soul to what is truly possible. You can compassionately discover and connect to your true self as you understand the past and reveal what holds you back.

This sacred method of transformation will heighten your awareness to allow you to explore the way you think, dream and live in the world. When you ‘SoulSpace’ you enter into a unique and innovative process that will inspire you to live the fullest expression of yourself.

The SoulSpace process is broken down into three digestible parts:

Part 1 (steps 1-3) focuses on knowing and investigating the past, bringing to light all the choices you have made up to this point. This is the time to uncover your limiting beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and attachments and make a choice to release what no longer serves you.

Part 2 (steps 4-6) is about manifesting the future through dreaming, discovering what life has to offer and connecting to what truly inspires you. In part 2 you take the time to listen to the gentle whisper of your soul.

Part 3 (steps 7 and 8) is about living in the present, giving you the opportunity to make decisions based on who you are now, while cultivating ways to support yourself with touchstones that allow you stay attuned to the present. We then live in the splendor of gratitude to celebrate a new way of life.

The 8 Steps:

Step 1 – Assess – Examine how and why you have created the space you are living in, and take an accurate reading of who and what type of activity your space supports.

Step 2 – Release – Learn how to let go of what doesn’t support you, and why it is so important to do this.

Step 3 – Cleanse – Clean and purify your home, paying homage to your most cherished memories and belongings. In this step you awaken gratitude for the things you love.

Step 4 – Dream – Let your imagination soar as you brainstorm how to use your home in the manifestation of your dreams.

Step 5 – Discover – Collect the ingredients for realizing your dreams – open to the outside world for inspiration and open yourself to what the world delivers.

Step 6 – Create – Manifest your dreams in three dimensions by infusing your home with furnishings that reflect your true self.

Step 7 – Elevate – Nourish all of your senses and make living in your home a richer experience.

Step 8 – Celebrate – Now that you have a SoulSpace to enjoy every day, you can share more of yourself with your friends and family.

It is my wish that SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life encourages you to create an environment that truly is an expression of the authentic you.

Allow the interior design of your home to support you in living from your true self and embracing your dreams.

About the Author

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Award-winning architectural conservator, designer and philanthropist, Xorin Balbes is the founder and co-owner of the interior and architectural design firm TempleHome. Xorin is known for his remarkable restorations in the Los Angeles area, from Lloyd Wright’s 1927 Sowden House to Talmadge Villa, silent screen star Norma Talmadge’s 17th-century Italianate mansion in Los Feliz. His most recent project is Lumeria Maui, a luxury educational retreat center on the north shore of Maui.

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