Your Days are Numbered

By my count, if I’m lucky enough to live to the ripe age of 90, I have approximately 16,240 days left.

One day your number will be up, and just like that you’ll be gone. Done. Finito.

How do you live your days?

I was at a dinner party recently and everyone was lamenting how quickly the summer has passed us by. As we get older, it seems that the days, months and years move with increasing speed.

Jobs, children, life transitions and day-to-day responsibilities can take up a lot of space.

The clock is ticking and you’re caught up hating your job, wanting to travel more, pissed off at your husband, angry with your parents or your boss, wishing that somehow, some way, your life could be different.

What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting for a sign from the universe or for someone to give you permission to do something epic.

Mediocrity is easy. Doing amazing things is hard.

It means you have to step out of your comfort zone, often defy conventional wisdom and the status quo, and forge ahead with courage. It means you’re probably going to piss more than a few people off. It means that much of the time you’ll feel scared –- shitless, actually.

Anything worth doing, anything epic, will bring up fear.

Do it anyway.

I’m all for finding the joy in the most banal moments. Life is ultimately made up of millions of them. Let’s not take anything for granted here.

But deep down, at the core of your being, you know you’re supposed to do something meaningful. You know you were put here, at this time on earth, for a specific purpose.

Maybe it’s to win a Nobel Peace Prize, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or discover a cure for cancer. Perhaps it’s to design a new widget, write a new song, plant a garden, mentor a young person or save a baby white seal.

However you are called, you and I both know you have a contribution to make.

What are you waiting for?

I’ve lost friends and family members too soon, which makes me the rule, not the exception. The universe is constantly telling us that our time is almost up.

Today, at 44, I’m much more apt to listen then I was at 24.

How many times do we put off, postpone, cancel or retreat for fear of messing up or not doing it perfectly?

I used to do it all the time. Not anymore. After all, I only have 16,240 days left, if I’m lucky.

Today, thanks to many, many years of working with underserved women and girls and mentoring young women entrepreneurs, I feel a greater sense of responsibility and urgency to help other women find their voice, speak their truth and do great work.

It’s no longer just about me, but something much bigger.

It took me a long time to connect to and find my voice. In fact, I’m still on the journey. There are days when the thought of speaking in front of a room full of women is bone chilling, and the actuality has me face down over the toilet bowl.

As a writer, staring at a blank page often evokes sheer terror. But I plod along, my desire to make a difference finally stronger than my fear.

If I can help another woman connect to her voice through my teaching, speaking and writing, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

If I can make another woman’s journey a little easier by sharing my own struggles, then I have somehow outwitted time by leaving a legacy.

It’s about making a positive stamp on the world before it’s too late.

Every time you look fear in the face and take action, in spite of shaking in your boots, you raise the bar for yourself, and everyone around you.

Every time you connect with your intuition, follow your heart and do the thing you think you cannot do, you empower a generation.

So the next time you find yourself wallowing in self-pity or chatting with a friend about how quickly time is passing, ask yourself, “have I done anything epic lately?” If the answer is ‘no,’ then consider this your swift kick in the rear: being here on this earth is a gift that can be snatched away tomorrow.

Before we can change the world, we must first change ourselves.

What are you waiting for?

Tick tock.

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Liz Dennery Sanders is a brand and creative strategist, personal development coach and the founder of, a global online business dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build their confidence, their brands and their bank accounts. As the past Chair of the Los Angeles Board of Directors for Step Up Women’s Network and a founding member of the organization’s Luminary Circle, Liz pens the monthly column, “Step Up To Success,” for Step Up’s national newsletter. Connect with Liz at and on Twitter: @SheBrandLiz.

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