50 Tips for Turning 50

Turning 50 last year was a profound turning point. I felt a lot of excitement about this new milestone and a lot of uncertainty too. I had been through a lot these last many years. Some good, some not so good.

As I approached my big day, I asked myself, “What would the next decade bring?” And more importantly, “What did I want?”

I spent the months leading up to this special day reflecting on what had supported me, elevated me, and strengthened me (inside and out), and celebrated with pride that I was feeling better at 50 than I did at 30.

I looked at all the areas and the changes that had the greatest impact on my body, mind, and spirit. These included eating, fitness, finance, friends, family and career.

I recalled that in my younger years, I spent days hanging out with catty women who drained my energy, worked at unfulfilling jobs, avoided dealing with unpleasant financial statements, shopped to fill a void and ate sugar to soothe my soul. This lead to low energy, low confidence, low self-esteem, low bank accounts, health challenges and a feeling of “emptiness.”

Looking at where I was now, I relished in the new found confidence and beauty that I felt. Instead of running from my 50th birthday, I decided to embrace it.  I invited all my heart-based soul-sister girlfriends to gather around and celebrate with me, the gift of turning 50.

The day was filled with pure joy.  During my dessert toast, I thanked everyone for coming and reflected in gratitude, on my purpose-driven fulfilling nutrition career, my strong health-based eating plan, my fit body and my loving family and friends. It was one of the happiest days of my life!

What I know for sure is that it’s the simple steps and the daily actions we take each day that create the radiant, vibrant body and life we crave. Below are lots of simple steps that have worked for me, and the many women and men I serve.

This list highlights the top tips that I’ve learned from working at integrative medical centers, attending nutrition conferences, taking mindfulness classes, reading books, supporting clients, and real life living.

They are science-based, heart-based and health-based. Take your power back, turn the clock around and rediscover that sexy, vibrant, energetic you, again.

  1. Drink green juice.
  2. Take a hike in nature.
  3. Have lunch with an old friend.
  4. Have lunch with a new friend.
  5. Eat some greens.
  6. Watch a funny movie.
  7. Drink water with lemon.
  8. Smile at a stranger.
  9. Nix the artificial sweeteners.
  10. Stop and smell the roses.
  11. Add a green powder to your morning.
  12. Call a childhood friend and reminisce about the fun times growing up.
  13. Find an exercise routine you love. DO IT!
  14. Eat at a healthy restaurant.
  15. Add a probiotic to your day.
  16. Sit in a lobby of a luxury hotel and enjoy the beauty.
  17. Make dinner for a friend.
  18. Purchase a pretty new sweater that makes your eyes “pop!”
  19. Eat snacks and meals made up of healthy fat, fiber and protein.
  20. Add some “color” to your wardrobe.
  21. Eat every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar balanced.
  22. Meditate.
  23. Drink Holy Basil Tea – hormone balancing and calming.
  24. Live in gratitude.
  25. De-clutter a drawer, room or your closet.
  26. Eat like a rainbow – fill your plate with rich colors.
  27. BREATHE.
  28. Hang out with some happy kids.
  29. Walk barefoot in the grass. Very grounding.
  30. Dance.
  31. Drink a superfood smoothie for breakfast. Add some greens for an extra boost.
  32. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep.
  33. Make a new healthy dish. Check out  www.elanaspantry.com for some great recipes!
  34. SLOW Down! Chew your food.
  35. Take a new route to work. Mix it up. Enjoy the scenery.
  36. Connect with extraordinary people, movers and shakers and wise women.
  37. Tell your loved ones, you love them.
  38. Look in the mirror, tell yourself, “I love you!” (Sometimes harder to do than it sounds ;-))
  39. Pet a dog.
  40. Repeat  #30.
  41. Get your teeth cleaned.
  42. Get a mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy and skin check. You will feel better knowing you did.
  43. Travel to a new and exciting destination. Even if it’s local.
  44. Get your financial life in order – including wills, estate planning and daily living.
  45. Know where important papers and documents are.
  46. Eat breakfast – add in some protein and healthy fat for satiety and prolonged energy.
  47. Add more plant foods to your day.
  48. Reduce caffeine intake.
  49. Up your water consumption. Drink half your weight in ounces daily.
  50. Enjoy the journey! 

As Virgil said, “Health is the Greatest Wealth”. It feels good to know that we can create better health through the simple steps and actions we take each day.

Although life will always be filled with its uncertainties, the strategies above have given me a road map to experience greater health, peace, and joy, all leading to increased certainty.

When I wake each day, I know that by consciously implementing as many things as I can, I create a foundation from which to live the best, most energetic life possible. My intention moving into my fifties, and beyond, is to age gracefully while engaging a deep purpose-filled life.

I look forward, with hope, to all the richness that lies ahead and the new turning points that have yet to come.

About the Author

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Marlyn Diaz is a LA-based Integrative Nutritionist specializing in weight management, hormone balancing, and looking and feeling your best in your 40s, 50s and 60s. She is the founder of the Ageless Beauty Nutrition Academy, a six week comprehensive program that helps women learn how to nourish themselves from the inside out and create lives filled with beauty, peace and joy. Marlyn speaks regularly at various women's organizations, entertainment groups and on-line radio shows. She received her B.Sc. in Nutrition from Drexel University in Philadelphia and has been involved in the food and nutrition industry for over 25 years. When she's not working with private clients or getting ready for her next live event, Marlyn can be found hanging out with her two sons, hiking with her husband or blending up delicious superfood smoothies in the kitchen. For a free copy of her digital book, go to www.rockyourenergy.com and learn how to boost your energy for enhanced productivity, sex drive, and feminine power. To connect with Marlyn visit www.www.marlyndiaz.com or on Facebook.

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