Maria Shriver, Katherine Schwarzenegger Discuss Post-Graduation Paths & Reinvention

When Katherine Schwarzenegger sat down for an interview on her new book “I Just Graduated … Now What?” at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 13, the questions were asked by a special journalist … her mom, Maria Shriver.

“Is there one piece of advice that brings all of these people [featured in the book] together,” Shriver asked.

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“I think the biggest takeaway that I got from writing this book and then reading it over and over again is that there is no right way, there’s no wrong way, there’s no one specific way anymore, there’s only your way,” Schwarzenegger said while calling out contributors like John Legend who shared their varied career journeys with her for the book.

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“You meet who have their whole life planned out for them, and then something happens, and your life takes a right turn or a left turn and you have to reinvent,” added Shriver.

Watch their on-stage interview.

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