Celebrity Stylists Taught Me A Surprising Lesson About Judging Others

A few years ago I had the privilege of providing PR for two prominent celebrity stylists: Ugo Mozie and Daver Campbell. These young LA men worked with many publications including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and dressed celebrities Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth, Dianna Agron, and Naomi Campbell.

During the time we worked together, they gave me an inside look into the world of fashion. We went to fashion shows, exclusive parties, showrooms and photo shoots. Amid all the glitz and glamour, my biggest takeaway was surprising:

People in fashion are not so scary after all.

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I used to think that people who worked in fashion (the models, muses, stylists, and designers) were like the cool kids in high school: beautiful, powerful, confident…but also judgmental, condescending, and sometimes downright cruel.

When I began representing Ugo and Daver, I was nervous about being judged. Though I like clothes and shopping, I’m by no means a “fashionista.” I imagined them clucking at my poor outfit choices with disdain.

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Instead, they crushed all my preconceived notions by being positive, accepting, and kind. What? I thought fashion was this scary judgmental industry! I thought I’d be reenacting embarrassing scenes from the Devil Wears Prada. But they were always complimenting everyone around them, from celebrities to ordinary folks walking down the street. They saw beauty in all types of styles and seemed to think that there was no definitive “right” way to look.

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As I began to see the world through their eyes, I became less judgmental too. I started appreciating things I used to think were “weird” like tattoos, funky costume jewelry, and brightly colored shoes. I started accepting and embracing my own personal style, stepping outside safe brands to try more daring items. Sure, I like my black patent leather 2″ heels. They are great and versatile and I wear them all the time. But I love my new, absolutely impractical Charlotte Olympia ice-cream cone shoes. I love this season’s neon yellow trend. Since I’ve started stepping outside my comfort zone, I can’t stop! The freedom to wear what you love– and be who you really are– is addictive.

There will always be the Joan Rivers of the industry who perpetuate the idea that fashion is a cold cruel world where only few succeed. Since working with Ugo and Daver, and now several other fashion companies as well, I’ve learned that most people in fashion just aren’t like that.

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It has been said that fashion is just another way to express yourself. So maybe now I’m that girl in leather and a red lip at the preppy bar in my hometown. Do I fit in? No. But if anyone is judging me, that’s their problem. I’m cosmopolitan. I’m confident. I color outside the lines. And most importantly, I have learned that kindness is always chic.

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