3 Ways to Make Life Happier At Home

A happy home life is so important. It sets you up to thrive in all other areas of your life. And while many of us desire to live a more fulfilling life at home, we don’t know where to begin. Here are three actions you can take toward living better at home. Implement them today and get inspired to make home life a priority again.

Use Your Best on a Daily Basis

Whether it’s the wedding china, great grandma’s crystal glasses or that lovely silk blouse you own, many people tend to save their best things for later. It’s human nature. We somehow feel that everyday life is not special enough to use our best on a regular basis. We will drink our morning tea out of a chipped mug instead of using that pretty china teacup. We will wear frumpy sweats in the house instead of our nice flattering dress. We eat off of old dinner plates that don’t inspire us, while our beautiful china collects dust in the cupboard.

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It’s time to break the cycle and start living well at home by using our best things. Get rid of anything that is past its prime (like those old sweatpants) and commit to using and wearing your best on a daily basis. You will feel a strong resistance in the beginning (again, human nature) but just keep challenging yourself and after a while you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Clear the Clutter

Living in a tidy and orderly space makes a big difference to happiness at home. Make a commitment to keep the clutter clear for good. This will not require complicated cleaning routines, just a great game plan. If you can identify the areas in your home that tend to pick up the most clutter, what I call “hot spots” and “stagnant spaces,” you can be diligent about keeping those areas clear.

Clutter hot spots are high-travel areas in your home that tend to pick up transient clutter. For some people this is the dining room table or the entryway console. Stagnant spaces are out of the way areas in the home that tend to accumulate miscellany: the area under your vanity or the space on top of the bookshelf, for example.

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Go throughout your home and identify both your hot spots as well as your stagnant spaces and commit to keeping these areas clear. Now you’ll be able to relax in your living room without having to look at a mess.

Make Mealtimes More Formal

Family schedules these days can be complicated. Mom and Dad might get home late from work. The kids might have soccer or play rehearsal. Whatever the schedule, commit to eating together as a family as many times a week as possible and making those mealtimes more formal. Sit down to a nicely dressed table with your best dishes, turn off all devices, turn on some beautiful music and connect over a meal.

Give everyone a chance to share how their day went or to speak about something that is bothering or intriguing them. Practice proper table manners and make sure to have something small for dessert. By formalizing everyday mealtimes, you are emphasizing their importance, and cementing a healthy tradition in your family, not only for nourishing yourselves, but cultivating your relationships.

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It is traditions like these that are the anchor to a happy home life.

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