5 Habits to Start Now to Live Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are the sweetest time of the year and they start now with Halloween candy being everywhere. Between the sugar overload and the non-stop work and social events you might become more stressed than relaxed this holiday season, and that is no way to enjoy the holidays. Instead of feeling tired, bloated and run down if you can incorporate these five habits now you can have a stress free, more relaxed and healthier holiday this year.

Back To Basics

With so much health, wellness, and “quick fix” diet related information available to us these days, the basics of eating healthy can become lost in the mix. Even though it might be marketed as healthy doesn’t mean that it actually is. By simply eating more vegetables this winter, you can feel more energized and reduce your sugar cravings. Include more greens into your day with a morning green smoothie, green salad, kale chips and veggie dishes. While you increase your vegetables try to avoid packaged foods, especially the ones that are labeled healthy, local or natural. They are usually full of sugars that only decrease our energy.

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Drink More Water

It usually becomes harder to drink water in the winter since it is colder outside. If you are too cold to drink cold water you can drink warm temperature or hot water with lemon instead, but when we are dehydrated this not only increases our sugar cravings but decreases our energy levels. Aim for at least one to two glasses of water as soon as you wake up and continue with at least one glass on hour. If you forget to drink water just add a friendly calendar reminder on your phone for every hour.

Plan Ahead

What I love the best about this time of the year is that our body loves and craves comfort food and we can make stews, chili and casseroles and freeze them. Try to find a day during the week or weekend that you can make a weekly grocery shopping trip, always make a list first and then spend an hour or two making food for the week. If you make a chili, double the recipe and freeze half for when you get busier during the holidays.

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If your summer fun got in the way of your healthy sleeping habits now is the time to start getting at least 8 hours a night. Sleep is the most important thing we can do to maintain our health. When we are not sleeping enough our body becomes off balance and it becomes harder to avoid the candy bowl at work. It is also a good time to schedule massages especially if you will be traveling this holiday season. If it is on the calendar you are more likely to make it to your favorite yoga class or whatever your body enjoys to feel healthy and nourished.

Immune Boosters

There are so many different foods and herbs that we can add into our diet to keep us feeling healthy. Fermented foods help to keep our belly healthy and adding them in gives us more energy, helps with digestion and our sugar cravings. I like to have Kombucha, Kimchee, feremented chopped veggies and ginger. During this time of the year it is also important to get outside, even when it is cold out and get some fresh air, and check your Vitamin D levels. Most of us are low in Vitamin D and adding Vitamin D3 into your life will help maintain your immunity and overall health.

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