The Power of Words

Not too long ago I gave a speech called ‘The Power of the Pause.’ I talked about the importance of pausing in all areas of our lives.

The power of the pause has never been more important than it is right now because our world is changing at warp speed.

Change is everywhere and it’s scary how fast what ‘was’ no longer ‘is.’

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Companies come and go. Carefully orchestrated careers end in minutes. Friends up and move. Kids grow and leave. People change, governments surprise.

This week alone I woke up to images of a man being burned alive in a cage, and before I could close my mouth two more people were hung in swift retaliation.

I just didn’t know what to say.

And then I saw this piece by Kasey StuddardAnd then this piece by Nicholas Kristof. And then my daughter Katherine told me the brave words she said to a woman who was sitting next to her idly gossiping about our family in an unflattering way.

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I sent both of the articles to my kids and their friends. I wanted them to see the effect negative words can have on someone’s heart. I wanted them to see a different take on a story that was unfolding in real time about a famous individual. I wanted them to see that they could use their words to join in the gossip or they could use their words to promote compassion, empathy and understanding.

The old nursery rhyme says “sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

That’s just not true. We’ve all used words that we regret. I know I have.

Words are powerful.

They can promote unity and peace. Look at Nelson Mandela, the Pope and countless “ordinary” teachers who are promoting kindness and emotional intelligence every day. Words can be used to empower.

Words can also cut just like a knife.

The power of the pause. The power of our words. The words we use in real life and on the Internet can both benefit from pausing to recognize the power they weild. 

I’ve been thinking about how I, and those I love, can use our words more for good than harm. In these changing times it’s one piece of power we all can share.

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Will you join me in harnessing the power of your words for good?


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