Watch Maria Shriver in Conversation with Sister Joan Chittister

Maria Shriver traveled to Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA April 9 to sit down with Sister Joan Chittister and have a wide-ranging conversation about power, inspiration and life missions.

“It’s an interesting thing to define ‘What is power?'” Maria said. “I think power is really presence. I don’t subscribe to the “Power is ‘I’ve made a lot of money and I’m on the cover of a magazine.’ I think power is knowing who you are, power is your own presence, your own identity. And I think that every single person has power. If they can see who they are, if they can speak up and use their voice. And I think every single person has the ability to be what I call an ‘Architect of Change.'”

Watch the video above to hear the full conversation. And read Maria’s essay about the trip here. 

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