Faith Christine Caine

I Lost My Faith Before I Truly Found It

Sundays were always a highlight for me growing up in Sydney Australia. My mother would pack us all into her station wagon and drive us to the Greek Orthodox church which was the centre of our community life. We would sit through a long service, a liturgy conducted in ancient Greek, not ...

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Kim Forrester Faith

3 Reasons My Faith Has No Name

My faith has no name. My connection to something greater than myself is almost palpable. What began as curious ponderings in my twenties has become an intimate part of who I am. I turn to it in times of conflict, grief, despair and doubt. I savour it in times of contentment, peace, humour and ...

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We Cannot Love God Unless We Love Our Neighbor

Pope Francis envisions a global family where faith in God is expressed in love of neighbor. In his view, faith and works go together. We cannot love the God we cannot see unless we love the neighbor we see. Or, as theologian Karl Rahner once wrote, love of neighbor is love of God. The Pope ...

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Church Christians Samuel Rodriguez

Faith: A Light for Our Dark Times

Our faith is not like any other faith. Our faith is transparent, transcendent and transformational. Our faith teaches us to cross over obstacles, shout down walls, break through crowds and walk on water, even in the midst of storms.  Our faith enables us to survive the fires of life, overcome ...

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Lisa Bevere Faith Fear

The Birth of My Fourth Son Awakened My Faith

We live in a day when the reach of fear is unprecedented. Desperate multitudes seek both physical and spiritual refuge in a world that seems increasingly hostile to its inhabitants. Earthquakes, famine and natural disaster plague our earth, and many nations are faltering on the verge of moral, ...

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