4 More Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions That Help You Connect With Your True Self Instead of Change Yourself

If you haven’t already, make sure you read part 1 of this article on the first 3 steps: Reflect, Re-focus and Remembering.

4. Renewal

I don’t know about you, but my world is a busy one—some of it meaningful and productive, more of it manufactured silliness. It’s taken me a half century to begin to understand energy conservation, and, to be clear, I’m not talking about electricity, but finding ways to keep my personal energy at a sustainable level. Whether it was being a mother (and a single mother for a few years) of three girls or just my personality, perhaps, I have a tendency to work in unregulated fits and bursts. These fits and bursts tend to lead me to a low point, where I’m always shocked and the last to know just how burned out I am. Again with this balance thing!? I’m slowly discovering my own rhythm and how to swing, jive and sway like a dance marathon, rather than the deadly Elaine dance.

Making room in your world for retreat and renewal is critical to sustain your personal energy flow. I have some strategies for making this happen in the course of a day, but creating a string of days where I retreat from the din and chaos to “do” or “be” less in the busy world is an absolute necessity for this green diva. The end of the year is one of those times where I specifically work on renewing my energy and recharging my inner batteries, which goes well with the reflective time mentioned above.

Renewal for me also means renewing commitments I have to myself. Like affirming those little and big agreements about how I interact with myself. For me it’s about less fear and doubt, more yoga, better choices in food, being the best wife, mother, Ya Ya, sister, friend, etc.

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How do you find time to renew your energy/recharge your inner batteries? What commitments to yourself do you want to renew?

5. Reclamation

In this process, I always realize there are parts of me that I lose touch with. I neglect playful inner Meg, and although I write way too many words in emails and social media posts, my creative writing muscles atrophy a bit. So, I like to take stock of the parts of me that I need to reclaim, and visualize a plan for working them back into my consciousness.

There can also be toxic relationships that syphon off tiny bits of our soul. This is a great time to inventory relationships and reclaim your power in any that aren’t nourishing you, and find ways to lovingly take appropriate actions, if any.

What parts of yourself have been dormant or what relationships need balancing, and what are you going to do to reclaim them?

6. Reconnection

I’m perpetually in need of reconnection—reconnection to myself, my higher self, my spiritual source (which may be different than yours), nature, the good in the world, my family, what makes my heart sparkle, etc. Yea, I’m not talking about the addiction to my digital connections here. They have their place these devices of constant communication, but this is not what I’m about here.

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I have little daily rituals that help me maintain my connections to the things that feed my soul. Here’s a 20-minute guided meditation I was inspired to record. I was shocked I could listen to it and not just enjoy it, but it always does the trick for me!

What helps you reconnect to your inner power source?

7. Re-Vision

A few of years ago, Kristin Ace, gave me a book called The Lotus and the LilyI resisted because I was familiar with the concept, which is similar to this process I’m writing about here, but she was gently persistent and I decided to give it a try. Like my own rituals, it happens at the end of the year, but goes into great detail and the author has a lovely way of leading you into some deep preparation for the coming year. But one of the things I’ve added since following the book mentioned above, is that at the end of the journey culminates in the creation of a vision board.

My daughters and I started doing vision boards years ago one rainy mother’s day, and I’ve been enjoying doing these over the years, but these special new year ones have a beautiful way of articulating a vision of the 365 ahead.

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Instead of telling the universe/god/spirit/whatever what you “want” to manifest for the coming year, the goal here is to work through this inner journey, making space to not only invite new things in, but to discover what we really “need.”

I’ve always been surprised, because my ego says, “I know what I need!” but so often after doing this kind of ritual, there are subtle, sometimes shocking things that jump out and want attention. Thus the vision board in this instance is a tool for creating a visual reference to the work I’ve done to uncover what my soul is truly itching for. Plus, I love getting creative and crafty, which I just don’t do enough. I’ve begun doing this with my daughters and close friends. We get together around New Year’s, meditate, and have a creative play date complete with yummy food.

Here are a couple of vision boards from recent years . . .

The Green Divas Resolutions Vision Board

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The Green Divas Resolutions Vision Boards

The Green Divas Resolutions Vision Boards

What is your vision for the year? How would you create a visual representation?

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However you do it, I hope you are able to give the gift of time and space to do whatever works for you, whatever helps you rediscover your love-lit path towards an awesome 2016.


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