The Most Important Part of the Day in America is Bedtime say Pastor Judah and Chelsea Smith — Watch to Find Out Why

“I dream of children by the millions being told these ancient stories, and learning about purpose and identity and meaning and creation,” Judah Smith, Lead Pastor at The City Church, who sat down with his wife, Chelsea, for an Architects of Change Live conversation about their new children’s book,  ‘I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook,’ told Maria. “I’m a firm believer that as we raise up the next generation our culture can change and maybe even our world. Maybe the most important part of the day in America is bedtime where little brains are being shaped with values and ideas that will help them be productive citizens and maybe dreamers themselves to bring about change.”

In a conversation that touched on belief, values and community, Judah, explained that he co-wrote this book with his wife first and foremost as a dad. Watch their answer to Maria’s question about the impact on a child of being read the bible and raised within a faith.

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Judah and Chelsea Smith both shared their favorite story from the storybook, and how it impacted them as children:

Shriver also asked the couple what their ministry has shown people are yearning for these days. “So many people want to be known,” Chelsea Smith said. “We live in a world with so much technology. People can know what you ate for breakfast this morning because you posted a picture, but do they really know what’s happening in your soul? Watch:

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When it comes to improving as a society, the Smith’s told Shriver the answer was simple: service. “What if we woke up with an intention to live beyond ourselves and serve one another?” Judah Smith asked. Watch:

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Click here to watch the full video of the conversation.

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