Architects of Change LIVE: ‘I Was a Part of a Cult of Masculinity’ Terry Crews Tells Maria Shriver

Recently, Terry Crews talked masculinity, being a feminist, and his book Manhood with Maria Shriver for Architects of Change: The Conversation Series at the Brentwood School’s Gender Equity Forum in Los Angeles. The conversation followed a screening of The Mask You Live In, executive produced by Shriver, and a panel discussion led by students from the school (including Maria’s son, Christopher Schwarzenegger).

Crews discussed the “cult of masculinity” he was once a part of. He also described how growing up in an abusive household led him to prioritize being strong and tough, and the moment he knew that he had to make a change. Watch:

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Shriver asked Crews how we begin to change how we behave with one another. The key, Crews answered, is being an individual, thinking for yourself, and being fearless. “The only way to beat these paradigms is awareness,” he said. Crews choked up when describing what really changed him: seeing what he was doing to his family. “It’s not enough to talk about it,” he added. “I am not a motivational speaker. I’m a motivational doer… Nothing changes in your life until there is action.” Watch his emotional delivery here:

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A young woman in the audience asked a question during the Q&A section about how women can open up these kinds of conversations in their home. Crews talked about how his wife never gave up on him, but give him love, support, and most importantly kept him honest. “You have to stand up for you,” he said, adding, “You ask the hard questions.”

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Click here to watch the full video of the conversation, including the Q&A with the young audience.

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