Watch Cindy Crawford Tell Maria Shriver About Hard Work, Confidence & Embracing Your Unique Beauty

Cindy Crawford sat down with Maria Shriver for an Architects of Change Live: The Conversation Series discussion at the It’s Our Time: Young Women’s Conference at Brentwood School in Brentwood, CA on Saturday, January 30th. They spoke to an audience of nearly 1,000 young women about entrepreneurship, relationships, grieving, giving back, being fearless and beauty.

Shriver asked Crawford, who is approaching her 50th birthday, how she has managed to stay in the game and not get discouraged over a long career:

Crawford also shared the deeply personal story of losing her four-year-old brother to leukemia when she was just 10 years old, and how that shaped her. “It’s bigger than just you,” she said, adding, “If you join forces with people… you can do more than just you.”

Shriver noted to the crowd that Crawford had told her privately if given the chance she would tell her high school self to be more fearless. It was her advice for the room full of LA-area high school girls as well. “What unites us as humans is that we all have vulnerabilities,” Crawford said, “And that can be beautiful…” Highlighting the importance of not letting personal insecurities stop you.

The women also discussed the emphasis on beauty in today’s world and the stress and anxiety that causes for young women to keep up with the clothes, weight, hair and all the things they see on social media.

Crawford shared a story about being teased as a child for the very thing that would become her signature in her career: her beauty mark. Her own sisters had called it her “ugly mark.” She had even asked her mother if she could get her mole removed. “Sometimes, the very thing that you are most self-conscious about or makes you different becomes your trademark or what people remember you by.” Watch her full answer here:

And Click here to watch the full Architects of Change Live conversation.

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