3 Steps for Mastering the Mind

We were all given the powerful gift of mind, of pure creative consciousness. This powerful force can be our biggest fan, our biggest supporter, our biggest motivator, or, if not monitored closely, can become a dysfunctional, confidence destroying, immobilizing, abuser that talks endlessly in our head all day, everyday.

The good news here, is even if your mind has developed a dysfunctional habit through years of negative focus, or developing beliefs about yourself or others that are out of alignment with truth… You have the power to tame it and change it.

Your mind or consciousness is constantly creating an experience for you. If you know how to master this creative power called the mind, then you get to chose your experience, instead of just cope with your experience. So let’s do it. It starts with Awareness.

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Mastering the mind always begins with awareness.

Unless we are aware of what direction the mind has a habit of focusing in:

Angie Johnsey Mastering Mind

we can never realize that we have the power to change or shift that focus to a supportive thought and away from a destructive thought.

A few basics on how this creative power works. Thoughts/Beliefs stimulate Emotions. Emotions create reactions and control behaviors. If you are familiar with the spiritual law of attraction, you know that an emotion holds a vibration. The vibration we offer to the universe, creates or attracts more of the same experience.

Let’s make this as simple as possible.

When we think good we feel good. When we feel good, we receive good experiences, support, ideas, good stuff. When we think bad we feel bad. When we feel bad we receive bad, problems, or dramatic experiences.

That’s all you really need to know.

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So how will I know what I’m creating for myself in any given moment? Your emotions will tell you. Think of your emotions as your alarm system, letting you know when you are mastering your mind or allowing it to master you.


When in this redirection phase, we become “lie detectives.” Our emotional alarm system activates and sounds the alarm saying… “Hey!!!! You are thinking and believing in something that is either not true or is not in alignment with what you are here to experience. What you are thinking right now is destructive to your being and will create more lessons or tests for you to go through until you identify the lie and replace it with the truth of you. You are out of alignment with the truth of you, with your center, with God.”

There will be some experiences we go through that stimulate a negative emotion to arise and sound the alarm. You will notice the negative feeling and begin to think a more positive, more supportive thought. After you redirect to a positive focus the negative emotion subsides.

There will be other times when simply shifting to a positive thought doesn’t bring relief. When this occurs, you are not dealing with a mere thought. Now you are dealing with a belief. Beliefs are more powerful, have evidence to back them up, have created repeating patterns, and will offer more resistance to change. However, beliefs can be changed and more supportive beliefs created and accepted.

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This life experience that our mind or consciousness creates, serves the purpose of showing us what beliefs serve us and what beliefs hold us back and keep us stuck in reliving and repeating experiences over and over.


Ah! Alignment! So this is how it feels!

Alignment is the sweet spot of peace and relief that we are all aiming to anchor to and master. Some of us have touched it briefly, only to have our minds take back over, go back into dysfunction, and lure us back into the drama. Our reactions get the best of us because of those beliefs we have yet to correct and free ourselves from. This is why we do our work.

You may have heard that everything we are searching for is within us. It’s true and being in alignment, in right thinking, is what connects us to that power, those good feelings held safely for us in our center. The power within us, once harnessed and mastered, can bring us into the most amazing of all life experiences. Not only will we have a “God experience” instead of a “drama experience”, but we feel peace and relief all along the way.

Peace and relief are not the emotions we feel as an end result, but they are actually feelings we can have right now and must tap into right now in order to get to the treasure or access the good stuff. The feelings of peace and relief are emotional indicators that say.. HEY!!! Keep thinking that!!!! Thinking that will take you to the experience of your dreams!

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Explore the thoughts in your treasure chest. Find a thought that brings relief. Now go think that and make it your consistent focus. You will soon find yourself mastering your mind and transforming your life.


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Angie Johnsey is a master practitioner in the healing arts with a focus on energetic medicine and expanding consciousness. After a career in Psychiatric nursing, followed by Hypnotherapy, Angie writes and teaches others about the power of the conscious and subconscious mind and how to apply that knowledge to daily life to create meaningful and lasting change in one’s reality. Angie's passion is to bring others back to peace and love through teaching simple ways of thinking, being, and mastering the mind. Connect with Angie on her website and Facebook group.

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