Architects of Change LIVE: Maria Shriver & Martha Beck on Being Wild

Maria Shriver sat down with her good friend Martha Beck on Wednesday, April 27th for a conversation about her new self-published book, and first work of fiction, Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening.

Shriver began the conversation by asking Beck, “Who is Diana, Herself?” Watch the video above to learn more about the book that the life coach calls her best work of self help yet– even though it’s fantasy fiction– and how her character fights the negatives voices in hear head to emerge stronger.

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One key to fighting these voices is to “Calm all fear,” one of 6 tasks Beck outlines in the book as a guide to life, a guide to becoming wild. (To learn more about all 6 tasks, watch the full video of the conversation here).

“We always think of wild and crazy as bad,” Shriver said, “And I’m a big believer that it’s awesome.” Watch the clip below for more on why Beck decided to self-publish her book and how we can all get passed fear in our lives:

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Beck’s main message is embracing who we are, beyond constraints of society, culture, or what we think we should be. Shriver told the audience a story that she shared recently in her “I’ve Been Thinking” column about the power of our internal strength, and what it means to be of significance. She asked Beck how we can respond to those who only want to know what we are doing in our work and what our brand is. Watch her response below on being free:

In the same vein, Beck described how she took a leap of faith in her own work, including self-publishing her book and creating accompanying color books, doing what she wanted to do rather than following the old “grindstone” way of doing things. “I’m a sociologist by training, the economic model is going down,” she said, adding, “The leap of faith is that you can become wild, and the world will sustain you.”

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During the Q&A session with the audience, Shriver brought up feminine power and how we can close the gap between men and women. Watch:

Click here to watch the full video of this Architects of Change LIVE conversation with Maria Shriver and Martha Beck.

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