Architects of Change LIVE: Brain Edition with Maria Shriver, Liz Hernandez & Leading Health Experts

At the first-ever Move for Minds this Saturday May 21st, Maria Shriver and leading activists, experts and supporters of women’s brain research gathered at six Equinox Sports Clubs in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington, DC for mind-body focused cardiovascular and yoga workouts, a marketplace featuring only foods that fuel our brains, and Architects of Change LIVE panel conversations featuring brain and body health experts in each city.

In Los Angeles, Shriver moderated a panel discussion with her L.A. event co-chair, journalist Liz Hernandez, who has first-hand experience, serving as an Alzheimer’s caregiver for her mother. They were joined by Dr. Roberta Brinton, an expert in neurodegenerative diseases; mental health expert and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen; entrepreneur, author and meditation expert, Mallika Chopra, and David Harris, Vice President of Health and Human Performance at Equinox.

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Shriver began the conversation by asking Dr. Brinton to explain why and how the boxing and yoga classes offered at each of the six Move for Minds locations were good for participant’s brains. Listen to Dr. Brinton’s explanation and her number one tip for taking care of our brain:


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Dr. Amen then expanded on how we can take action, every day, to care for our brains with three simple steps: Care, Stop, Do. Watch the clip below for more details:

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And from a caregiver’s perspective, Los Angeles Move for Minds co-chair Liz Hernandez shared a moving message on how to handle a loved one getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease:

Watch the full video of the Architects of Change LIVE panel here for more from all the panelists including Maria Shriver, Mallika Chopra and Equinox’s David Harris.

And click here to read and download the Brain Health Tips from Move for Minds.

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