3 Simple Mindfulness Exercises to Try

There are the ground rules* for practicing mindfulness. They are attitudes or frames of mind that help cut through some of the challenges that keep us from being fully present in our lives. Before practicing the below exercises, review the 10 Frames of Mindfulness and a guide for how to complete these exercises here.

Mindfulness Project Exercise 4

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Mindfulness Project Antiaging Meditation 5

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Mindfulness Project Exercise 6


Excerpted from I AM HERE NOW by The Mindfulness Project with the permission of TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Copyright © 2016 by The Mindfulness Project.

{Image credit: Will van Wingerden, Unsplash}

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ALEXANDRA FREY and AUTUMN TOTTON are the founders of The Mindfulness Project and authors of I AM HERE NOW: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal. The Mindfulness Project is a platform for teaching and spreading mindfulness, which is done through a center in London and internationally through a range of online programs. Its team of expert teachers runs eight-week courses to build the essential skills of mindfulness and also offers advanced courses, drop-in classes, workshops, and interactive online seminars on a range of mindful-living topics.

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