Watch Architects of Change LIVE with Hoda Kotb and Alzheimer’s Experts

On Saturday, May 21st 2016, Maria Shriver launched the first ever Move for Minds event, taking place at Equinox Sports Clubs in six different cities across the United States. In New York, participants ate food to fuel the brain, completed mind-body workouts and heard from an Architects of Change LIVE panel, moderated by Hoda Kotb, NBC Today Show Co-Anchor.

Hoda Kotb was joined on stage by B. Smith and Dan Gasby, authors of the book Before I Forget: Love, Hope, Help and Acceptance in Our Fight Against Alzheimer’s; Dr. Richard Isaacson, expert on Alzheimer’s prevention; Dr. Keith Fargo, the Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach, Medical and Scientific Relations for the Alzheimer’s Association; a filmmaker, Max Lugavere and Founder of Juice Press, Marcus Antebi:

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Kotb started the panel discussion by asking Dr. Isaacson and Dr. Fargo to discuss why it may be that Alzheimer’s disproportionately affects women. Watch the clip below to find out some of the possible reasons:

Dr. Fargo later went on to discuss when people should be worried about their forgetfulness and when their forgetfulness is just normal age related cognitive decline. Listen below for what Dr. Fargo considers the difference:

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Max Lugavere contributed knowledge about sugars from his documentary, Bread Head, stating that “sugar and highly refined carbohydrates are one of the biggest villains to your brain health.” Watch the video below to hear more about how certain foods can affect your cognitive health:

Dan Gasby spoke about how big an issue Alzheimer’s is, calling it “a 21st century civil and human rights issue.” Listen to the clip below to hear why:

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Finally, Geri Taylor took the stage to share her personal experience with Alzheimer’s and how she choses to live in the present:

Watch the full Architects of Change LIVE panel discussion here to hear more from all the panelists.

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