The 6 Master Keys to Glow From The Inside Out (Hint: It’s All About Good Health!)

Do you know someone who just exudes health and vitality? She looks it, she feels it, and she even inspires you to better health too. She has what we are all looking for – a state of health that I call “glow.” Maybe she’s a younger person, maybe she’s older than you – for age doesn’t really matter much when it comes to glow. Glow is that indescribable blend of energy, positivity, and a healthy look – generally it is a look that makes a person look younger than their actual age.

Well, I have been involved in medicine now for over 20 years. And, one thing I have learned is, to help my patients achieve their glow and greatest health, there are six master keys. These are the pillars I focus on with each patient – and I describe them in The Little Book of Healthy Beauty.

Here is a brief outline to give you the highlights, so you can start right away to true vitality and glow too:

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Pina LoGiudice Little Book of Healthy BeautyStep 1 – Get Your Beauty Sleep

People who do not get at least 7 hours of sleep a night are more prone to fatigue, anxiety and depression, and can’t lose weight. In fact, getting less than 7 raises your chances of catching common cold viruses 300%! Good sleep protects from cancer and heart disease, while increasing your ability to detoxify and lower inflammation.

If you are not getting regular sleep, shoot for at least 7 hours. And try to get to bed before midnight – the later you go to sleep, the less benefits you get. If you have trouble sleeping, natural remedies like melatonin and valerian can help.

2 – Food and Digestion

Good glow requires good food. When a computer is fed bad information, it will not run. Good food turns on healthy genes while shutting down cancer, heart disease and aging processes. Good food creates better digestion, which will help you absorb your nutrients to prevent osteoporosis (bone thinning) and help keep your skin glowing. When digestion is poor (constipation, lots of gas and bloating), you will not detoxify your body either (we talk about detox in master key #5).

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I generally recommend a Mediterranean Diet, which is high in vegetables, healthy fats, fish, whole grains and beans, while minimizing, fried foods, simple bready foods, and sugars. The Mediterranean Diet will lower inflammation, a root cause of all disease, while boosting the nutrients you need the most. And for best digestion, try to eat in a calm environment, and chew your food really well.

3 – Exercise Into Your Glow Zone

We humans are all part of the animal kingdom, and animals need to move to stay healthy. Exercise reduces stress, improves heart health and will keep your skin looking radiant! Our skin is the biggest organ of detoxification: regular sweating is a prime way help you release the junk that needs to go.

Exercise has been shown to increase life expectancy too: a University of Copenhagen study showed running about 2 hours a week at a slow or moderate pace increased life expectancy 5.6 years in women and 6.2 years in men. There’s no drug that can do that. Start with comfortable exercise that you find fun. Shoot for 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Bring a friend to help keep you on track.

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4 – Relaxation and Inner Peace

We live in a stressful world and our lives are so busy. So, it’s important to set aside time every day to meditate for a few minutes. Also, make time to get together with people who are positive in your life (and maybe avoid those who are often negative). Schedule time to go see comedy, or watch a funny movie – for laughter is amazing for the spirit, the immune system and your health too. Finally prioritize the fun things that you love to do to lift your heart spirit.

5 – Detoxify

Our world is full of chemicals and toxins – in our water, our air, cosmetics, and the food we eat. These toxins will lower your glow by using up your antioxidant systems and collect in your tissues, including your skin. This is why people who smoke tend to look older than their age, for cigarettes contain many toxins.

Identify the various sources of toxins in your life and start to move them out. Maybe use an air filter and water filter for the home, switch to organic cleaners and cosmetics that avoid chemicals. Purchase more organic food. My book also outlines the proper way to do a detoxification using foods and supplements to help gently nourish your body, while cleaning out the toxins.

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6 – Glowing Supplements and Hormonal Harmony

While supplements by themselves are not magical cure-all’s, the right ones can, along with the other 5 master keys, help you glow brightest. I use supplements to nourish my patients’ bodies, improve detoxification, support skin vitality and boost mood. When hormones are out of balance, the right herbs and vitamins can also play strong role in rebalancing.

I generally recommend starting with what I refer to as the “3 U Need” – which is a good quality multiple vitamin, fish oil, and a probiotic to support overall wellness. Fantastic hormonal balancers before menopause include chaste berry, licorice, and Chinese herbal teas. After menopause favorites include black cohosh, isoflavones, and natural progesterone sources. My favorite supplements for skin vitality are pycnogenol, zinc and carotenes.

Master Key Conclusion

Putting in place any one of the above master keys will improve your health. Making a commitment to accomplish all of these together in your life will revitalize, repair and create the best glowing you.

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