Why Not You? Talking Motivation and Mantras with Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has a mission. And, no, it’s not just to win football games. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback started the Why Not You Foundation, “to empower change in the world one individual at a time.”

Sitting down on USC’s campus with Maria for a wide-ranging conversation, Wilson explained his aims for bettering the world. “So many times we think about the big picture, but we miss the one individual. If we can change one kid at a time, one heart at a time, one soul, one adult at a time, as a result of that, it ends up being a snowball effect.”

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It’s a life mission Maria fully connects with: “I always say, and for anybody that’s listening, each and every person, is an Architect of Change,” she said. “Each and every person, has greatness inside of them, made by God. Each and every one of us can move humanity forward, be it for good or for bad.”

During their talk, the duo also discussed the divisions in our country and what can be done to bridge the divide.

“It’s a lack of love, there’s so much hate in the world, there’s so much back and forth. … For me, it always comes back to the Biblical aspect: Corinthians1:13 talks about, faith, hope and love. And the greatest of all is love. If we don’t have love, we have nothing. God put us on this earth to serve, give back and to love one another. If we could just focus on that aspect and just, how can I love you better? How can I treat you better? How can I be more polite? How can I be there for you in your time of need? And stop focusing on ourselves so much,” Wilson said, admitting that it’s advice he takes for himself too to make sure he doesn’t get too focused on himself, revealing he lives by a mantra: Surrender and surround.

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