Maria Shriver Sits Down with Cher for TODAY

At 70, pop icon Cher has no intention of slowing down. She just announced her new tour, “Classic Cher,” with headlining shows in Las Vegas and Washington D.C. starting in February.

“I didn’t want to be finished,” Cher told Maria Shriver during her TODAY Show interview on Wednesday, October 19. “I didn’t want to be through with singing. I knew that this would probably be the last time. My voice is still really good. I’m still active and running around. I can still fit into my costumes.”

“It’s now or never,” she added.

Despite her age, Cher is making an impact on younger fans—especially through her Twitter feed—encouraging them to get out and vote. And she isn’t mincing words on Donald Trump.

“I care about the country and I know that the people that are following Trump, they care about the country, too,” Cher said. “But I don’t think it’s the same country I care about.”

She also gave her advice to women struggling with ageism in a society and industry focused on youth.

“There are so many women … who say, you know, I can’t get a job after 45, 50, 60 … What would you say to those women about how to persevere?” Shriver asked.

“I say you have to be like a bumper car and you hit the wall, and you back up, and you go a different way—and then you go at the wall again,” Cher responded. “The only thing I know is not to give up. I don’t know anything else.”

Watch Shriver’s full interview for TODAY:


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