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“Divided there is little we can do–for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.”

Those were some of the words my uncle John F. Kennedy gave in his 1961 inaugural address. Divided there is little we can do. Let us remember that over the next few days because change is upon us.

We are less than 24 hours from inaugurating our new president.

Yes, I said “our” because starting Friday Donald Trump will be representing our country.

I know that some of you say he doesn’t represent you. I know many are boycotting his swearing in. I know millions are still in shock. Still shaking their heads. Still angry and upset. 

But, I also know there are millions of our fellow Americans who voted for him — good, hardworking, decent people who voted for change. Individuals who really believe that President-Elect Trump can make the changes they desperately want and need in their own lives. 

Igniting change will not be easy for this new leader. It will be even more challenging if we remain divided.

I’ve seen firsthand how hard it is to go from an outsider’s campaign to governing for all of the people, even if that’s your intention. It’s hard to break through and break down all that divides us, but it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible! I’ve also seen it work as long as the leader leads by example and inspires everybody to have an open mind and take an open approach.

Here at The Sunday Paper, our approach is to always look for the positive. It’s to seek common ground. It’s to open hearts and minds. It’s to Move Humanity Forward.

To that end, we have produced this “Special Edition” of The Sunday Paper. Our goal is to remind you that we have navigated change before and we will navigate it again. We wanted to share excerpts from the inaugural speeches of other presidents who also took over the helm of our country during turbulent times.

We also reached out to Architects of Change who are renowned at navigating change in life. We asked them to come up with words that would provide an elevated perspective to help us go into this inauguration and this weekend with hope and wisdom.

Great leaders find common language and ignite common dreams. Inaugural speeches provide a platform to do this from the start.

Regardless of how you voted, this is a defining moment for our country. It’s a transformative change for all of us. Each of us gets to ask ourselves: how do we want to navigate it? How do we want to behave? What will be our tone? What will we say? Will we seek common experiences, or do we go in with our minds already made up?

This is the greatest opportunity of Mr. Trump’s life. I hope he does all that he can to safeguard the lives and freedoms of all of us.

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Below, we share with you excerpts from previous inaugural speeches that acknowledged differences and where the president reached out and across the divide. 


Reagan 15

(Read Reagan’s Full Speech Here)

Kennedy 15

(Read Kennedy’s Full Speech Here)

Lincoln 15

(Read Lincoln’s Full Speech Here)

Obama 15

(Read Obama’s Full Speech Here)

Inspiration From Architects of Change:
Thoughts on How We Can All Move Forward

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I also share with you Robert Frost’s poem “The Gift Outright.” Frost is one of my favorite poets and he also happened to be the poet at my uncle John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.

Poetry has always had the power to lift me up during times like these. I hope Frost’s poem will inspire you as well.


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Gift Outright Frost poem


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