Architects of Change of the Week: Caitlin Crosby & Katie Meyler

Each week in Maria’s weekly newsletter publication The Sunday Paper, we honor individuals who are using their voices, their hearts and their minds to Move Humanity Forward. This month, in recognition of Women’s History Month, we want to honor incredible women who are serving on the frontlines of humanity.

This week, we honor Katie Meyler and Caitlin Crosby as our Architects of Change of the Week. These two young women have made the concept of caring for others their life’s work. Maria had the chance to meet both recently and was inspired by their incredible courage. Without question, these women have committed themselves to creating a more conscious, caring and compassionate world.


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Caitlin Crosby was touring the U.S. as a musician when an old hotel key inspired her to change the world. Caitlin founded the jewelry line The Giving Keys, a “pay it forward company” that employs those transitioning out of homeless and makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and keychains out of repurposed keys. Each Giving Key is engraved with an inspiring word, and when the wearer encounters someone in need of that message, he or she is encouraged to give it away.

WATCH: Maria’s Interview with Caitlin Crosby



Katie Meyler went to Liberia for a paid religious internship after college and never looked back. She is the founder of More Than Me Academy, a tuition-free K-6 school that provides education and basic services to the area’s most vulnerable girls. Katie made a commitment to the girls of this war-torn nation after discovering that many were trading sex work for clean water. Ten years later, Katie has devoted her life to improving Liberia’s educational system and has given young women there the chance for a hopeful future. Her dedication to staying even throughout the Ebola crisis earned her the title of 2014 Time Person of the Year.

WATCH: Maria’s Interview with Katie Meyler

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