What’s In A Name: Community

What’s a community? Churches sometimes advertise themselves as “communities of faith.” You hear about the “black community,” the “Hispanic community” and the “gay community.” There are community centers and community colleges. Even without opening a dictionary it’s clear that there isn’t just ...

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My Favorite Failure

October 26, 2013 This has been the best year of my life but it sure didn’t start that way. A year ago today, I didn’t go to work, didn’t call in, didn’t email anyone, didn’t go. I dressed but then just stretched out on the sofa. When Calvin came downstairs and saw me I told him I hadn’t slept ...

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My Time

Yesterday morning I sat for a long time on a hillside, staring at the Mediterranean Sea a few miles away. It was a gorgeous vista — the water past the hills was sparkly blue like a sapphire and a few bright cotton clouds punctuated the edgeless sky -– but there wasn’t anything especially ...

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Going Under the Ice

“Do you want to be here?” “Here, the hospital, or here, Planet Earth?” “Here, the hospital.” “No, but I don’t think I’m in any condition to drive home right now.” That’s an exchange I had recently with an Emergency Room physician. I don’t remember the conversation because I was pretty much ...

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