Words Matter

This week was a big week for people who believe in the power of words. The End The R-Word campaign continues to make people think about the harmful ramifications of using the r-word and I’m so proud of all the people who have made this campaign so successful. Curt Schilling stood up and ...

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what is love maria shriver red roses

What is Love?

On this weekend it’s hard to think about anything other than love. It is the stuff of great songs, novels, poetry and films. It’s also the great gift of life: To love and to be loved. My friend wrote a book not too long ago where she wrote something that struck me. She said, like ...

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The Power of Words

Not too long ago I gave a speech called ‘The Power of the Pause.’ I talked about the importance of pausing in all areas of our lives. The power of the pause has never been more important than it is right now because our world is changing at warp speed. Change is everywhere and ...

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Wipe Your Slate Clean

My daughter’s friend Stephanie got engaged not long ago. This was big news in our home cause Stephanie had struggled in previous relationships. Now at the age of 35 she has found herself in a real and healthy relationship. This week I went to her engagement party to meet her ...

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