Maria Shriver Powered by Inspiration - For Architects of Change Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:41:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 10 Books That Will Change Your Life For The Better Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:45:57 +0000 If you want to change your body you change what you eat and how you exercise. If you want to change your outlook on life you change what you read and put it into practice.

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Listed below are ten inspiring and positive books. Unless you are determined to be miserable (which, strangely enough, some people are) these books will change your life for the better. Click on the titles to order a copy for yourself, then mark them …

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5 Tips to Make You Happier At Work Mon, 22 Sep 2014 11:51:55 +0000 In today’s world, we seem to be endlessly multi-tasking, running around talking about how stressed out we are as we juggle the responsibilities, activities and correspondences that our smart-phones and other digital devices encourage every second.

No longer does it feel customary to wait a few days to return a phone call; we feel that our text messages must be answered ASAP, as do emails and Facebook messages; we can now be inundated in news stories, Tweets and Instagram updates at the same time we …

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What If Grandma Never Had Alzheimer’s? Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:50:26 +0000 A few weeks ago, I was driving home from the Jersey Shore when out of the blue, Carly, my 11-year old, asked, “Mom, what do you think Grandma would be like if she never had Alzheimer’s?” We’d just spent several days in Sea Isle City, the annual vacation tradition that my mother had established way back in 1990, shortly after my father had died. Mom had wanted to find a new way for all of her 13 children to reconnect one week of the year …

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My Wish For the Young Women of The World Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:31:26 +0000 For the last few weeks I’ve been writing about change, about transition, and mostly about my kids moving out.

I wrote about Christina moving to the Big Apple a few weeks ago. I wrote about Patrick moving back to school and just this week, turning 21 — a rite of passage for any young person, but, I have to say, it feels different with a boy (that’s for a different blog).

And now Katherine. Katherine moves out into her own apartment this week. She’s excited …

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3 Reasons It’s Not Okay to Make A Blonde Joke About My Daughter Sat, 20 Sep 2014 12:30:52 +0000 Well, my 4-year-old daughter has been presented with her very own blonde joke and like many things that happen to my oldest child I find myself wondering if this is a milestone I’m supposed to be celebrating or one I should be shuddering from.

Sure someone has made a comment about her intelligence at this young an age based on the color of her hair, but I imagine there are many who consider jokes like these to be nothing more than a little light-hearted ribbing …

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Maria Shriver Reports On A Growing Problem Among Teens: Prescription Drug Abuse Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:53:46 +0000 Watch the trailer for “Out of Reach” above.

When we think of drug use among teens, there is often a preconceived list of substances that come to mind. However, a growing problem among teenagers doesn’t involve tracking down a drug dealer or using a syringe, but rather a quick trip to many parents’ bathroom cabinets.

Already an issue among adults, Maria Shriver reports on teens now secretly stealing prescription drugs from otherwise unsuspecting parents. One 17-year-old Texas high school student, Cyrus Stowe, decided it was …

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How I Learned to Pay Attention to the Small Moments Fri, 19 Sep 2014 11:53:48 +0000 Last summer, while my brother-in-law lay dying on life support, his daughter Tory set an eagle feather on his chest. I saw the gesture and appreciated its significance. It was time, indeed, for his spirit to take flight.

A little while later, an ICU nurse came in and, noticing the feather, exclaimed, “Why is that here? It is illegal for anyone who is not a Native American to have an eagle feather!”

She continued on for a few minutes, chastising Tory while checking whatever dials …

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Playing Fair: Have You Examined Your Agenda? Fri, 19 Sep 2014 10:50:15 +0000 How many times have you gone to buy something and when you ask for help, the sales person tries to sell you something different?

You’re polite, but they don’t hear you because your agenda is not their agenda.

What’s an agenda?

When you *hold another person’s agenda* it means you’re focused on helping them get what they want. You don’t manage or push them into doing something they don’t want.

[Read — Maria Shriver, "The Envelope Please: A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way"]

You …

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Maria Shriver Reports on a Rising Teen Addiction: The Internet Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:15:18 +0000 Addiction makes most people think of drugs and alcohol, but what about the Internet?

NBC News special correspondant Maria Shriver reports on the rising trend of teens who are addicted to the Internet. A Stanford survey says 1 out of 10 people show signs of Internet addiction.

“It’s really like a therapeutic release because you don’t have to think about anything,” 19-year-old Andrew Fulton tells Shriver of how his addiction began. “All that social anxiety that I felt in school just went away because I …

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Am I Repeating Myself? A Baby Boomer’s Angst About Alzheimer’s Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:50:37 +0000 The following is an excerpt from Meryl Comer’s recently released book Slow Dancing with a Stranger.

I think most people are worried about their own risk if they have seen Alzheimer’s in their family. I worry all the time. When I walk up the steps to retrieve something and pause to try to remember what it was, I fear that I have begun to slip. When I mistakenly walk out without my house keys or misplace my jewelry or money tucked away for safekeeping, …

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