The Real Love

I’ve been thinking about this video ever since my daughter Katherine showed it to me the other day. It’s now been viewed nearly 30 million times and that number keeps growing. That tells me that the power of love, the belief in love, and the demonstration of it is what we are all ...

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Beauty Is All Around Us

A friend of mine passed along this inspiring video, and I think it offers the perfect message of strength, self-love and acceptance that everyone needs to remember at the end of a long week — and in the midst of a stressful holiday season. For the International Day of Persons with ...

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The Courage to Ask

I’ve been thinking about the millions of people who can’t afford to provide the basic wants and needs of their families this holiday season. A friend recently sent me a link to this site. As I read through the asks, I was so humbled and inspired that anyone of us could make another ...

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