Observe then Serve

I went to a national service summit this week. I was surrounded by men and women of all ages and backgrounds who had come together to promote the idea of national service for every American. I had an opportunity to listen to inspiring stories from young people serving in our nation’s ...

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National Service is a National Solution

Remarks delivered by Maria Shriver at the 21st Century National Service Summit of Aspen Institute’s The Franklin Project on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. I am really happy to be here today in this beautiful setting amongst so many friends, familiar faces and, of course, so many leaders in the ...

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Connecting at the Crossroads

I recently returned to my old hometown of Nashville for the second annual “Woofstock,” a music festival hosted by Emmylou Harris, benefitting shelter dogs, kids at risk, and disadvantaged adults. Bonaparte’s Retreat, the dog rescue founded by Emmy, and Crossroads Campus, bring together shelter ...

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Holding Tight and Letting Go

“While you’re tightening the straps, ponder the wacky possibility that the people you’re trying to save don’t need saving.” ~ Patti Digh My 20-year old son arrived at our rented lake house to join us on our vacation. Within the first hour, he announced that, in ...

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Closing My Screen Door

Last week, a hummingbird flew into my home through a screen door left open. He flew this way and that, then headed straight for the sunlight shining through a skylight above my bed. And there he got stuck. I tried to coax the little guy out with a broom, but this only served to traumatize ...

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