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The Lasting Power of Letters

I never planned on writing Deb stories about my wild and messy life. Deb was a church friend I’d known for six years, but outside of church we knew little about each other. I knew she loved red wine, Motown, and the Buffalo Sabres, and she knew my greatest dream was to write a book. I had been ...

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Resolve to Evolve

A new year looms on the horizon, but a new you can start today. Every day we have the opportunity to grow, to learn and to share. Every day we can put down an old story that no longer serves us or our families and step into a new story. That’s much scarier than resolving to go back to ...

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The Gift of An Ordinary Day.jpg

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

The changes, when they began, were subtle at first. Somehow, our treasured family ritual of reading together at bedtime slipped away. No one asked for stories anymore. Baths were replaced by showers, long ones, at the oddest times of day. The three-year gap between my sons, insignificant at ...

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