Setting a Prisoner Free

Just as there are many types of freedoms — physical, civil, political, personal — there are also many types of bondage. Mine began at the age of 12 and held me captive for over 25 years. I remember well the day I was enslaved. We had buried our mother the week before and it was my ...

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You Are Enough

A man I deeply admire, a man who has dedicated his life to spiritual practice, said something very profound to me recently. He said, “In your nothingness is your power.” I was so deeply moved by his statement. It really awakened something in me. We are all anxious to achieve in ...

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old dreams

The Old Dreams Were Good Dreams

My old college friend, Cory, came to visit my 2-year-old daughter and me at our home in New York City this past weekend. He drove more than 8 hours each way to catch up with me and to actually meet my daughter Ellie in person, after hearing and reading so much about her. It had been far too ...

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