You Are Perfectly Made

In the 17 years that I have been blessed to be alive, I’ve seen my fair share of problems. It’s easy to feel powerless, like things will never change. But I’ve come to realize (some say at a young age) that everything is in our hands. The minute we recognize that we can make the world new is ...

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Can a Candy Bar Save the World?

The last thing we need is more junk food, but Americans have a love affair with junk food that will not soon be broken. Candy is a $30 billion industry, growing at $1 billion a year. At Halloween alone, about $2.3 billion of candy is sold—an estimated 600 million pounds—and most of it is given ...

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Our Best Buddies Challenge

All of us know how much words matter — how they can be used for good, to elevate our minds and our spirits…or used to defame and destroy, to create hurt, hatred and humiliation. This week, I had the great privilege of presenting an award to my friend, Rob Lowe, at an event honoring ...

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Cursing Cancer

Today is Holy What the Hell Fucking Shit Day (Otherwise known as HWTHFS Day). I know I’m a Life Coach and my specialty is helping others feel better. And I know it’s not polite or professional to use profanity. But there are things that happen in life that just call for swear words. ...

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The Makings of a Real Hero

I’ve been thinking about something. A month or so ago I read about a kid who…Stop. He was in college. He’s an adult. “Kid” was the 50-year-old in me talking. I read about a North Dakota college student who was kicked off his football team because one Saturday, while sidelined because of an ...

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