My Time

Yesterday morning I sat for a long time on a hillside, staring at the Mediterranean Sea a few miles away. It was a gorgeous vista — the water past the hills was sparkly blue like a sapphire and a few bright cotton clouds punctuated the edgeless sky -– but there wasn’t anything especially ...

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As Mother’s Day nears, I’ve been thinking about my mother but also about my wonderful kids — Katherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher. I love them so much. And I like them, too…a lot. They are each so unique and, as a group, they are loving, fun and kind. I thank ...

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Mom Is the Centerpiece

This Mother’s Day, we had the chance to chat with Dr. Kevin Leman, psychologist and bestselling author of Have a New Kid By Friday and What A Difference A Mom Makes. With more than 30 books in publication and appearances on Oprah, CNN and Good Morning America, Dr. Leman adds his thoughts on ...

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