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Lori La Bey’s Wants to Make Alzheimer’s and Caregiving Support Available to All

Most people aren’t even aware that we have a care culture or what it means. - Lori La Bey This week, we honor Lori La Bey as our Architect of Change of the Week. Lori is a woman who is truly moving humanity forward. She is the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a company known for ...

We Need Each Other: The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

I wanted to help him find the words he was groping for, so that he could let us know how the experience had felt for him. My grandfather, Lester E. Potts, Sr., was my best childhood friend. He died when I was 10 years old. We shared a special bond forged over Sunday afternoon cedar-...

A Jazz Club Giving Hope to Youth on Probation

What if we could create a really safe environment that allows the youth to be seen for who they are, not just mistakes they’ve made? - Teresa Goines  We’ve talked a lot lately about bridging the divide. Teresa Goines is someone who lives and breathes it through her work. Teresa is ...

Scott Hamilton’s Story of Resilience Can Inspire Us

This Sunday, we shine our Architect of Change of the Week spotlight on Scott Hamilton, the Olympic figure skater, husband and father of four. It would be hard to find two more inspirational people on the planet than Scott and his wife, Tracie. They are devoted to each other, to their famil...

Team Rubicon Gives Military Vets a Renewed Sense of Purpose

Find a veteran and ask him or her their story. - Jake Wood Friday, November 11, was Veterans Day and on that day we held a special Architects of Change Live conversation with my brother Bobby Shriver and Jake Wood, the CEO of Team Rubicon. Jake co-founded Team Rubicon in 2010 foll...

Desmond Tutu’s Message on Forgiveness, Healing and Finding Joy

One cannot change what has happened, but one can seek to forgive and reconcile. - Desmond Tutu We are in the midst of a historic week, and regardless of how you voted, we all must now find a way to heal and move forward. In order to help us do that, Maria Shriver turned to someone sh...