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The Girl Who Saved Christmas: A Tale of Forgiveness

It is easy to get lost in the pageantry of Christmas, and to forget the holiday’s deeper meaning—the promise of forgiveness. Each year, I look forward to decorating the tree, hanging the lights, and celebrating with my family.  But the most wonderful Christmas I’ve ever known had none...

4 Tips for Accountability in the New Year

My experience in moving forward in life has a lot to do with taking accountability for my own actions, life decisions and personal choices. I’m not one to shy away from planning personal goals months in advance. Strategizing, outlining and checking off boxes is mainly for my own peace...

Gregg Renfrew and Beauty Counter: Creating Beauty Products to Better Our World

I really felt that if I died that day, I hadn’t done all that I could do to make this Earth a better place. - Gregg Renfrew This week, we honor Gregg Renfrew, the founder and CEO of the all-natural skincare company Beautycounter. Renfrew was inspired to start the company after realiz...

This Woman Is Using Letter-Writing to Touch the Lives of Millions of Breast Cancer Patients

In this age of text message and email, we’ve forgotten that something handwritten has so much personality. - Gina Mulligan This week, we honor Gina Mulligan, a Folsom, California, resident who is using the power of writing to help comfort women diagnosed with breast cancer. Mulligan, ...

Dr. Tom Catena’s Powerful Story of Serving as the Lone Doctor in a War-Torn Area

It seemed like a nice challenge to help open a new hospital in a very remote region with very limited healthcare. - Dr. Tom Catena This week, in recognition of the United Nations’ upcoming Human Rights Day, we honor Architect of Change Dr. Tom Catena. Dr. Catena is a man who is t...