How to Tear Down Emotional Walls

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Living in Overwhelming Times

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Life by Wandering Around

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Andy Puddicombe Brings Guided Meditation to the Masses

The more aware we become in our lives, hopefully, the more compassionate we become in our lives. - Andy Puddicombe This week, we honor Andy Puddicombe as our Architect of Change of the Week. Andy is the visionary leader and voice behind Headspace, an app that is bringing guided m...

Architects of Change Share How We Can All Move Forward

When I fail and fall, I mourn it, cry it out and get back on the horse. - Nely Galan On the eve of Friday’s presidential inauguration, we released a special edition of The Sunday Paper. Our goal was to remind you that we have navigated change before and we will navigate it again. ...

5 Essential Goals I Work on All Year Long

When you get rid of negativity it removes misery and pain from your life and always promotes the opposite — joy and peace. I like to set goals and stretch myself; to learn new things by taking online classes, reading and always trying to know myself and grow. It’s an inspiring thing...

A Restaurateur’s Commitment to Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

It starts with finding the right hearts to work with. - Scott Wise This week, we honor restaurateur Scott Wise as our Architect of Change of the Week. Scott is the founder of A Pots and Pans Production, the company behind the restaurants Scotty’s Brewhouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co...

Life Lessons Learned on the Track

The motivation is seeing your end in sight, no matter how far off it may seem. Since they were five years old, my daughters have been champions, record breakers, and Junior Olympian track stars. It’s been a great run so far. We’ve had our share of injuries, setbacks and disappointme...