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A Love Letter To My Brain


A Love Letter To My Brain


Nadine Schiff is an accomplished journalist, a great mom, and a beautiful writer. She is also a dear friend of Maria’s. Today, she shares this poem that she wrote entitled, “A Love Letter to My Brain.”

I want to thank you for allowing me
To view the Grand Canyon,
Hear Itzhak Perlman,
Smell gardenias,
Taste pumpkin pie,
And touch the pillow soft feet of my sweet Sumi Rose.

Thank You for allowing me to read Annie Lamott,
To write recipe lists for vegetarian chili.
Dark chocolate is the secret here,
And I would always forget to add it if it were not for you.

Thank you for allowing me to walk along a wooded path,
Converse with my son for how many hours?
Well, sometimes, brain, even you lose track.

Kudos for allowing me to reason when I am overcome,
To spill my tears, to become unlocked,
To sing in harmony when you are busy reasoning.

To dream in color
When I am asleep but you are awake,
Sending me messages, poetry, memories.
You are my wingman into the next sunrise.

Thank You for my love of language,
Kaleidoscope colors,
My husband’s smile,
The Milky Way,
A pattern of diamonds from God,
Branding the North Star into my soul.

And Thank You for Maria,
For connecting her brain to mine,
To lead me to an open field,
To encourage me to love mind over matter.
And then, as the world becomes dark,
To step into the spotlight that has always been mine,
To dream and rejoice and howl at the moon!


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