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I’ve Been Thinking…How to Find Peace and Happiness in All Our Relationships

When we hear the word relationship, most of us tend to think of our romantic or partnership relationships. If asked if we are “in a relationship”, we think in terms of married, single, or divorced. We give most of our mental focus and attention to thinking about who we have in our lives as a mate, or who we do not. This type of singular focus can create an emotional and mental imbalance. We are placing our happiness and fulfillment in the hands of a single person, of a single relationship. If we can’t find the happiness, peace, and connection within that relationship, or we don’t have a mate in our lives to find that happiness, peace, and connection with, we feel disturbed, alone, and unfulfilled.

If we expand our view of relationships, we come to see that all of life is relationship. We are in relationship not only with people, but also with nature, with God, with our minds, with our own hearts. Viewing the larger perspective of relationships can bring you back into emotional balance and harmony.

I could give you some steps to improve those intimate relationships, but would rather help you look outside of that box and find those other relationships that bring you the most happiness, peace, and connection. Here are 3 questions to ponder over the next week.

  1. Who or what makes you smile or laugh? When was the last time you were relaxed enough to find something funny? Who were you with? How can you plan to incorporate more of that into your day?
  2. Who or what brings you the most peace or relaxation? Is it listening to a certain type of music? Going for a long walk? Lying on your back in the grass, looking up at the sky, and watching the clouds or the stars at night? How can you plan to incorporate more of that into your life?
  3. Who or what makes you feel the most connection? Who in your life really listens to what you are saying? Who do you feel really sees and understands you without judgment? Who totally accepts you as is and loves what is?

Finding these qualities for ourselves and nurturing these types of relationships is not only important to our overall well being but necessary for our enjoyment of life. Sometimes the best way to find these things for ourselves is to start by being these things for others.

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