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Why We Must Fall in Order to Rise

We all love the rise.

Nothing compares to that beautiful climb back up into the light after experiencing feelings of hopelessness, pain, worry, or despair.
I could write about the elation of the rise, of feeling back on top, however, there is a secret to peace and freedom hiding in the misery of the fall.
I want to show you how to find it.
When life is easy and exciting, our minds are far less challenged.
We are distracted, happy, excited.
However, our happiness is conditional.. meaning, we are only happy when things are going the way we want them to go.
This is why so many minds struggle during the “fall” time.
A fall means, things are not going the way we feel they should go or are moving too slow.
When the conditions that our minds enjoy change or go away, our happiness goes with it.

What is the purpose of the fall?

The perception of rising and falling is all in the mind.
The mind deals in the world of duality.
Good, bad, right, wrong, light, dark, positive, negative, rising, falling.
Let’s admit it. Our minds have a preference.
If our minds could choose and control everything, it would always choose to experience the rise, the light, the good of life.
A mind that deals in duality will require balance and will not escape experiencing both sides of the scale.

How can you take advantage of the fall?

When the fall comes, or a situation that your mind perceives as bad or negative, if you can see the fall for what it is without too much resistance, you can use it as an opportunity to change the space in which you live and experience life.
A fall is an opportunity for spiritual growth. A chance to step out of the mental game of life either being good or bad. When observing the world through the eyes of spirit… Life just simply is. We are able to observe people, situations, and circumstances without judgment of good or bad. Without the judgment of good and bad, stress and fear cannot exist.
As long as you live from the mind space, you will have many cycles of rising and falling. Life will be a dramatic ride until you have your last fall.

Life is Good!

If everything seems to be turning around, you are currently experiencing a rise. Enjoy every second to the fullest.
As they say, “if you’re going to rise, you might as well shine!”
Not to be a downer, but with the mind, you are living a life of cycles.
Your next fall is inevitable.

My life is falling apart around me.

If you are experiencing a fall in your life right now, your heart is inviting you to live your life through the eyes of your spirit.
You are being offered the gift of stepping off the rollercoaster that comes with living life from the eyes of the mind.
It’s your choice. You can stay with the mind and suffer through the fall until you begin to rise again, or you can choose to surrender.
Leave the life of perceiving every experience through the mind, open the eyes of your heart, and begin a life of simplicity, ease, and peace.
If a fall is resisted and struggled through, you have many more cycles of rising and falling in your future. However, if your next fall is honored and received.. with each and every fall in life, you will rise with more grace, more patience, more compassion, and more wisdom than ever before. Then when you are ready, you will have your last fall.
Your mental eyes will close for the last time and you will drop out of your mind and into your heart.

Your last Fall will lead to your final Rise.

If you can say goodbye to perceiving life from the eyes of the mind, you can have the pleasure of experiencing life through your spirit or heart. The cycle of rising and falling ends and peace and clarity begins. Lasting joy, lasting peace, lasting love will become yours. You will gain freedom to experience stability no matter what is changing around you.
My prayer for each of us this Easter Sunday is that we close our mental eyes once and for all, ending the emotional suffering of the world.
God, open the eyes of our heart that we may have the space, the stillness, the peace, to see your loving, nurturing presence surrounding and guiding us always.

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