‘Angst’: Film About Anxiety Evokes Hope


‘Angst’: Film About Anxiety Evokes Hope


Anxiety isn’t cool but talking about it is. Why a movie about anxiety and why now?

I get involved with and make social impact films about topics like empowerment, bullying and screen addiction because I believe film is the most powerful medium on the planet. I also screen these films in communities (mostly schools) throughout the world because we have found it is the most efficient way to reach the masses and draw attention to inspire action and empathy. It’s all about opening up a conversation and getting us to connect which doesn’t happen when watching online, alone in your living room or on your phone.

A friend of mine asked me to make a movie about mental health and I flat out said, ‘no.’ I didn’t feel equipped and the topic felt too overwhelming. She continued to ask me for a full year and I continued to say, ‘no.’ Then on New Year’s Day, I learned that she had died by suicide and I knew I had to make a movie about mental health and that movie is Angst. The audience we serve ranges in age from 8-100 years old so this movie needed to be light, upbeat, relatable and filled with tools, resources and hope.

In the process of making the film, I learned that I have social anxiety which was kind of a relief because growing up I thought I was just less than everyone else. People are literally dying to talk about this topic. They want to talk about their feelings and their fears and not be labeled.

I have learned from many conversations with experts from all over the world that the number one thing that helps in just about every scenario is talking about it. It actually rewires the brain. Human connection, self-care, prevention, mindfulness, and for some, medication coupled with therapy works, but talking about it is key. Anxiety is silent, invisible and the only way to make change is to speak up. We need to nurture human connection, the face-to-face kind of connection, and we need to be able to talk about our feelings and be there for each other.

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