For the Sins of COVID

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How to Stay Calm and Communicate Clearly

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Becoming a Samurai Sword in 2020

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How to Start Embracing Your Perfectly Imperfect Self

Two Police Officers–One Black, One White–Reflect on the Murder of George Floyd and Our Country’s Time of Reckoning

In my long career as a writer, I’ve learned that sometimes stories just fall into your lap. Serendipity is a real thing in journalism–rare and true. The very week my 31-year-old great-nephew, Ryan Moore, a police officer from Cape Cod, called to ask if I could put him up for a few days to...

Embracing The Great Pause: Life as a Small Business Owner During Covid

Why ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is the Greatest Movie of All Time

Why Father’s Day is a Time of Self-Reflection

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