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How Journaling Has Transformed My Negative Thoughts Into Positive Action

I am by no means a writer, but since discovering Maria’s book “I’ve Been Thinking…” and “I’ve Been Thinking…The Journal,” I am much more in tune with my thoughts and how they can determine my meaningful life.

I had a wonderful childhood growing up in West Virginia, I was a happy-go-lucky kid with wonderful parents who adored my sister and I. I got married in my early 20s and two months later discovered I was pregnant. Like any new mom, I was excited and scared. I feared the unknown as most of us do when faced with an unfamiliar situation. Not long after having the baby, I felt depressed and sad. I did not seek medical help, because I did not want to be prescribed medication. I think this is where a lot of my negative thinking started. I had low self-esteem, no confidence and postpartum depression. In the early 2000’s, my family moved to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. It was a welcome change for all of us. With the move came stress and more negative thoughts. 

Over 25 years of marriage, I have had celebrations, disappointments, happiness, sadness and anger. It’s been said we are our own worst enemy, and I believe this with all my heart. I have listened and read many books by famous motivational speakers. Some helped me for a short time, but the negative thoughts would always come back. Sometimes more viscous than before. I’ve talked down to myself, called myself names and just flat out thought everyone would be better without me. I knew I had to get ahold of these thoughts.

I knew of Maria Shriver through the Today Show and her role as an advocate for women and Alzheimer’s. I ordered “I’ve Been Thinking…,” and immediately fell in love with it. Each section starts out with a quote and ends with a prayer. I read a section of “The Journal” and write my thoughts on the lines provided. Around Wednesday or Thursday, I will continue to write in the mid-week reflections section. The thought-provoking questions in the book allow me to dig deep in my mind and soul. I often find myself thinking about what Maria would say. These tools have changed my way of thinking. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I think about the future and how I have the power in my mind and hands to live my most meaningful life. 

In conclusion, journaling has helped me become a more positive person and provided inspiration on how I can positively move forward. I realize that every day will not be puppies and rainbows, but I am now in control of my thoughts, no longer allowing them to control me.