How to Overcome Fear in Your Life


How to Overcome Fear in Your Life


“Knowing you are supported will help bring your mind out of confusion.”

In Maria’s New Year’s Day essay, she mentioned that she wanted to bury the fear in her life in 2017.

“ I want to grab my fear by the you know what. It’s got no place in my life in 2017. Time is running short and fear keeps me running in place,” she wrote.

Maria is correct in saying that fear keeps us running in place. It is immobilizing. So, let’s look at ways to cope with fear and push through it the next time it has you too afraid to move forward in life.

Many of us can become consumed by fear and anxiety in our life. When we are in fear, our mind is focusing on future uncertainties, which creates confusion for our mind.

When our mind is confused, it begins to spin trying to gain clarity, and this spinning creates anxiety in the body. The less time we allow our mind to dwell in confusion, the less anxious and fearful we will be.

When we focus on uncertainties or what we don’t know, we become immobilized by fear. We begin playing the “what if “ game.

When this happens, it’s time to refocus on what we do know and start there. Many times we just have to start where we are and make decisions based off of the current facts or information.

You may have heard it said that the opposite of fear is faith. When we have fear, we are dealing with uncertainty. We also may have a mental habit of expecting the worst.

If our mind experiences fear on a regular basis, this points to a lack of trust and faith in your understanding of God or Life. Spending some time exploring and strengthening your beliefs here will be key to eliminating fear and uncertainty from your life.

When we know someone or something bigger than us “has our backs” if and when we need it, we are more likely to take those steps forward that may appear risky at the time.

These beliefs will act as a safety net — an invisible support system that will keep your mind feeling safe and cared for in the face of many future uncertainties.

Here are 3 key strategies to help overcome your fears:

1.) No “What Ifs” Allowed. This only builds the feeling of fear and anxiety in your body. If you need to play this game, change it to a game of thinking of the best possible outcome, instead of the worst one.

2.) What Do I Know? Refocus your mind on what it does know about a situation. List the facts based on the knowledge you currently have, or based on your current viewpoint. Do not allow your mind to dwell in confusion. Tell your mind “this is all we know for now and that has to be enough.”

3.) Build Your Safety Net. Knowing you are supported will help bring your mind out of confusion.No more expecting the worst. Work on your beliefs that Life or God is here to support you. Time to build your faith muscles and give your God/Life beliefs a check up.

Take a little time this week to identify your current fears. Make an “I’m afraid list.” Identifying the fears you are dealing with is the first step to pushing through them, moving forward, and reducing your anxiety.

For more detailed information on how to overcome fear and anxiety and many other common topics of the mind, join Maria for a full 30-Day Mind Reboot during the month of March. Following a 30-day plan full of tips, videos, workbooks and other resources can really help you to change your mind in ways that will support your freedom, empowerment and happiness.

I hope to see you there!

Angie Johnsey



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