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I’ve Been Thinking … Is There Such a Thing as Perfect Timing?

Ever hear that saying there’s a time for everything? Well they were right, there is a perfect time, a sequence of events, you may even call it divine timing…

There is a book you should have been given at birth. It explains how your time here on this Earth works, what part of your day you will have the most fun doing particular things, when you are most productive, who you would enjoy spending the most time with, and what job you would most excel at! It would even tell you what your special gifts are; the ones that no one else has, the things that you are special to you, and the unique combination that makes up your unique genius!

And your unique genius has a timer, every day, there are specific times of day when your genius is most active in a particular way. You would know that can go grocery shopping at the best time of day for you, you can meet up with friends at the perfect time of day for you, you can even meditate at the perfect time of day and reach greater states of consciousness where you are not so distracted by that mind chatter that keeps you here in this dimension!

Timing is everything…

I’m sure you’ve heard it, but did you know it?

Have you had those moments when you are talking with someone and your immediate thought as something comes out of your mouth is “I shouldn’t have said that”? I should have waited until they had something to eat and weren’t hangry… had more sleep…  or weren’t distracted by thinking about something else?

That’s because it wasn’t the perfect time to say it.

We have all been there… but when it is the perfect time… there is an ease in the air, like everything and all words are effortless. In those moments, when it is the perfect time there is flow, life seems more exciting, more colorful, everything is moving effortlessly and you are having an amazing day! Everything just works! You stepped into perfect timing without even knowing it!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this all the time? Live a life you felt great living, every day being easy and life flowing as it is supposed to?

Well, you can! Now we know we can consciously step into this flow on purpose. We can optimize our perfect timing to have more joy, more fun and more love in our everyday lives! Every day can be in a state of flow!

Flow can be your new normal too…

You are unique and you have a perfect time of day to socialize, a perfect time of day to focus on purposeful tasks, a perfect time of day to connect with family and be fully present with them, you have a perfect time of day to share a meal, you even have a perfect time of day to have some rejuvenation time! There is a perfect time for you to do everything in your life that you love to do!

And you know what? Even those things that you don’t like to do… may just be because you aren’t doing them at the best times of day for you. Sometimes changing meditation from the morning to the evenings can make a big difference to your mental state. Instead of feeling like a failure and “can’t meditate to save yourself”, you could actually be great at calming your mind, and experiencing different meditative states, just by changing the time of day that you do it!

If you would like to find the perfect times of day for you, to do the things you do, then you are welcome to do this 3 minute quiz for free. You will find amazing information, free resources, and effortless advice, plus fun facts about you! All designed to match your natural rhythm, and when you apply this advice… amazing changes happen in your life, your mind, your body and your spirit. Enjoy stepping into your life in perfect timing. Step into flow. Your perfect flow.

Marz Hill has been living in her flow state, since learning and integrating the philosophies of personalized health into her everyday life, now she shares these philosophies at ph360 and Numinatus retreats around the world, helping people to realise their uniqueness and step into living the life they always dreamed of, but never thought possible.


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