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Why Trusting in Yourself Can Make All the Difference


Why Trusting in Yourself Can Make All the Difference


What motivates you to want to make a difference, to want to create change in the world around you? Are you motivated by fear and pressure of what will happen to you personally if you don’t do something, or are you motivated by true compassion and creative inspiration?

Believe it or not, your motive for action can show you if your actions will result in personal satisfaction, as well as a powerful lasting change for the world around you. Or, if they’ll end in feelings of frustration, as well as feeling as if no matter what you do, it never seems to be enough.

This understanding of the power of motive leads us to the question: how do I access this space of creative inspiration? Where is this space and what do I need to do to get there and be inspired to act from there? The answer is simple to understand, but more difficult to execute. The simple answer is to relax.

Relax? Are you serious? Can’t you see all of the chaos and confusion that is happening around us? Can’t you see we have to do something and do it now? Can’t you see if I don’t do something others will judge me and I will feel that I’m not enough?

Those stress-invoking thoughts and words came from a part of the mind that I call the “problem maker.” This voice in our minds is full of stress, pressure, overwhelm, and confusion and it pleads for our constant attention.

If your focus stays with this voice, you will perform actions that are motivated by fear…fear of consequences… illusionary threats from a problem making mind. You will scramble around in the dark, guessing at what actions to take, doing things you do not enjoy, and creating more stress and problems for yourself and others instead of solutions.

Keeping your awareness and focus out of the dark land of questions, confusion, and uncertainty is the first step to learning to relax into living your purpose and bringing your greatest contribution into the world.

Before you can enter the space where action is motivated by compassion and inspiration, you will need to take a look at how you are feeling about what you are doing now.

Are you excited and inspired, or are you stressed and confused? If you chose stressed and confused, take a step back and relax. Take the day off. Take the pressure off of yourself by realizing no matter what the voice of the problem maker says, you always have a choice of how you spend your time. Realize you actually do not HAVE to do anything. Let yourself off of the imaginary hook. Relax.

To begin the process of doing our greatest something, we have to first learn to relax into nothing.

When we truly relax, we drop into the powerful space of the heart where certainty, knowing, clarity, passion, and inspired action exist.

Being relaxed in the heart causes you to be present. When fully present you can see what is right in front of you that needs your personal contribution through fresh eyes of compassion instead of fear.


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